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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Second Presidential Debate Analysis

Obama's Muslim Faith

Tuesday night marked the second of three presidential debates between Republican Candidate Senator John McCain and Democrat Candidate Democrat/Pacifist Barack Hussein Obama, Junior..."Slick Barry."

The Second Presidential Debate was town hall form rather than using podiums. The town hall style favors Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain because he's good at it.

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior made sure he was - once again - wearing his U.S. Flag lapel pin. Did he have a marching band in tow with him, playing Sousa marches before he took the stage?

There were three distinct moments of monumental gaffes committed by Obama. What's so significant about these three items is I will bet he didn't even know he said them, because he is out of his element in town hall style debates. He doesn't have time to self-censor who he truly is.

Quotes cited from New York Times transcript of the Second Presidential Debate:

* One: John McCain shook hands with a man in the audience who had served in the Military. McCain said, "I thank you for your service."

Obama, approaching the man, said, "we thank you for your service."

    MCCAIN: Well, thank you, Terry. And thank you for your service to the country.


    OBAMA: Well, Terry, first of all, we honor your service, and we're grateful for it.

Who's the "we", Mr. Obama? Why couldn't Obama say, "I thank you for your service"? Because Obama is afraid of demonstrating support for the U.S. Military because - like all Liberals - he hates the Military. He's so afraid of reactions from his supporters that he does not want his Cult Followers hearing him say, "I thank you for your service," to anyone who serves or has served in the Military. He can't say, "I thank you...", he's too Elitist for that. We know he knows the "I"-word because he uses it all the time describing how great he is. Then, he becomes Mister I-I-I-I-I-I-I.

* Two: Obama referred to the members of the United States Military as when, "we invaded" Iraq.

    OBAMA: I don't understand how we ended up invading a country.

Nice slam on the Military, Barack. We should all thank Barry for his moment of uncontrolled self-censorship, showing us exactly who he is, someone unfit to be Commander in Chief who calls the Men and Women of the United States Military a bunch of "invaders."

* Three: Does anyone really believe that Obama won't kowtow to the United Nations Security Council when it comes to defending our country? Please. Disabuse yourself of this notion, for it is not rooted in any degree of realism.

* McCain answered it right, he wouldn't wait for the UN Security Council to sanction our reaction.

"That One"

* Ooooooooooooooooh. McCain called Obama, "That One." Immediately, The Obama Cultists labeled it as, "racism", their first and foremost kneejerk defense mechanism. This is just The Obama Cultists being themselves, it is The Left being The Left. Their reactionary charge of "racism" lost shock value long ago, now I just laugh. They label everything they don't want to hear as "racism."

Jimmy Carter calls Obama a, "black boy," and not a peep from The Left. Not a peep!

See, The Left doesn't even get it, that McCain's words are play on "The One." The reason The Left sees only racial and ethnic differences is because they are racists.

"That One."

Subtle Set Design For Republican Loss?

* Did you notice that the walls were blue and the carpeting was red? The Republican Red carpet was down...being "walked on", while the blue walls were standing, strong, infallible. Did you get this impression, because I did. The choice of red for the floor and blue for the walls was, in my mind, no coincidence. I think NBC made a deliberate choice to make the carpet Republican Red and the walls Democrat Blue.


* Obama wanted, as he did in the first debate, more time to talk on and on while saying nothing, and wanted and had more chances at rebuttal than McCain. What's the matter Barry, can't stick to the rules that you agreed to before the debate?

* Obama quoted a gallon of gasoline in Tennessee as selling for "3.80 a gallon." That's a bit high of an estimate on his part, perhaps not actually knowing that state-wide prices in Tennessee for a gallon of gas is currently between $2.99 and $3.29. Way off there Barry, in trying to connect with the people who cling to their guns and their religion and who aren't much into goat cheese and arugula. This was Obama's "I know the price of a gallon of gasoline" (or milk) moment, and he failed it.

* I see Michelle Pickles Obama, The Dangerous Washerwoman, took time out from her rigorous 4-day per week sessions with a personal fitness trainer and from her I Hate America Tour and attended the debate.

* Where did McCain disappear to so quickly after shaking hands with everyone? Why didn't he and Cindy stick around?

* Or is it that John and Cindy McCain left at the right time and Barry and Pickles are one of those party guests always the last to leave, hanging on and hanging on, making a slooooooooooow exit, long after everyone else has disappeared?

* Tom Brokaw did a terrible job as a moderator. He was too busy in his role of Mother Hen and protecting Obama from any questions on the Second Amendment or abortion. It sure is funny how abortion never failed to come up as an issue last year in the Republican Candidates' Debates, but not now. Media Bias - why, what's that?

Let's check in with Exclusive Political Analyst, Baby Democrat - for what appears to be a reaction to McCain describing Obama as, "That One," and any connotation of faux-Racism charges being arbitrarily and without merit or justification from the Obama Cultists and The Insane Liberal Clown Posse:


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My take on the debate. Now let me be clear on this. Fraudbama lied 100% of the time. McCain lied only 50% of the time. Fraudbama wins! Soon Americans will learn how far long cylindrical objects will fit up their asses along with objects of every conceivable size and shape. Rectal bleeding will become the new national pastime.
Last night's debate was seriously so bad, I had to watch "Waterworld" afterwords.

The only good thing that I can say is that McCain actually came off as more likable than he usually does.

Barry was seething with rage as he usually is. What is up with that?
All I can say is: "... like trying to nail Jello to the wall..."
I'm feeling a little politically depressed... not sure what's going to happen, etc. So I'm a little quiet right now, ya know.

We did watch the debate and did hear "that one" come across and I thought "there goes the neighborhood". Not because I think what the Left thinks... but because the Left is so damn predictable.

And I agree they are hypocrites... if Carter can say what he said with no reaction... you know for a fact they really don't give a damn about what a black person is called. Turning "that one" into a racist comment and leaveing "black boy" alone is so obviously proof of their "I don't really care what he's called so long as the right person says it" attitude.
You know, all of you are right in your takes on the debate.

I'm experiencing some spotty interweb connection, unsure how long I will on.

It sounds like the sparks ignited today in Wisconsin of some guy at a McCain rally saying "we're sick and tired of socialism." We've been waiting for this moment.
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