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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rage Against Joe The Plumber

Leave it to the Obama Cultists to vilify, demonize and attack Joe The Plumber.

Joe The Plumber, real name Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher, is the man who Barack Hussein Obama, Junior told that his economic plan is to redistribute and "spread the wealth around

The Left makes some big huge issue that Joe is the man's middle name, not his first. "Oh," (GASP) reacts the Obama Cultists, how dare someone use their middle name.

And yes, he is a real plumber:

    First, it's not clear to me how it's deceptive to call yourself a plumber when you do plumbing work for a licensed plumbing company, even if you are not the owner of said company. Maybe that's not good enough for the plumbers union to consider you a plumber, but for 95 percent of people, that job description sounds like "plumber."

Because Obama's response is so damning to him and his campaign - that he is a full-blown Marxist - instead of holding Obama responsible and at fault for his philosophy, his Cultists attack Joe The Plumber.

Obama's desire to redistribute wealth scares the hell out of anybody who embraces our Republic, our (small "D") democracy and our free market capitalism-based way of life.

It doesn't matter what is or isn't verifiable about Joe.

Allow me one more moment of your undivided attention, thank you. What if Joe was a "plant", a "set-up." So what? A "plant" could correctly be thought of a whistle-blower, and we all know The Left loves whistle-blowers.

A Gallup poll on June 27, 2008 showed Americans oppose wealth redistribution by a margin of 84% to 13%. The same poll showed that most Americans think the government is doing too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses.

It's not about Joe, it's about Obama's words of spreading the wealth around. It doesn't matter if he was rope-a-doped or not.

The issue is Obama's economic plan of redistributing wealth, not the smearing and character assassination of Joe The Plumber. But because The Obama Cultists and the media refuse to judge or evaluate Obama's Marxist economic policy, they instead unleash hostility and vicious harassment aimed at destroying Joe The Plumber.

This is how The Insane Liberal Clown Posse and Obama Cultists behave.


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You know if he was rope-a-doped it's even better... This campaign has been dodging and weaving for 2 long years... no wonder he finally came out and said it... I think the elite in the party resent that we plebes won't take their word for it that this is truly in our best interest.

I think he felt perfectly justified. “Moral outrage makes perfect sense to him: when the incorrigibly untied affairs of ordinary beings refuse to conform to the plainly obvious structure of How Society Ought To Be”
How long do you think it will be before Joe is brought up before some congressional committee as part of a wave of Marxist DemocRAT witch hunts?
I liked this one from the "America is an Obamanation" blog.

Poisonous to Trojan Messiahs

Yes. In some ways it makes it seem that if it was a rope-a-dope for Obama it didn't take much, did it?

Today (Saturday) the outrage from The Obama Cultists displayed toward Joe is still going. They are just going batshit crazy. Well, rational thinkers like us document this as hitting a nerve squarely in the balls, eh?

Thanks for the ObamaNation link, I hadn't seen that. They are a fine bunch at that blog, they do great stuff.
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