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Monday, October 27, 2008

Poll Shows Americans Lean Conservative

The majority of Americans lean to the politically Conservative side of the spectrum, not Liberal...not by any means.

A Liberal Nation? Hardly!

The highly respected and accurate Battleground poll, conducted by the Tarrance Group and Lake Research Partners, reflects that 60% of Americans consider themselves "somewhat" or "very" Conservative while only 27% say they are "somewhat" liberal and even less, a paltry 9% identify as being "very" Liberal.

The question, Number D 3, asked if people consider themselves (pdf) Very conservative, Somewhat conservative, Moderate, Somewhat liberal, Very liberal or Unsure/Refused (to answer) .

America is NOT a Liberal Nation. Tennesseefree.com:

    America is dominated by conservative thinking.


    The results, my friends, speak for themselves.

    Most Americans are conservative, at least to a degree. Very few are of the far-left liberal mindset (those Howard Dean Democrats I find so detestable; those who now run the Donkey Party). Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden are of that group of far left liberals: yes, Barack Obama is (as proven by his Senate voting record) an extreme liberal.

    Grassroot Americans just don’t care for those extreme leftists. And, since we use an indirect voting system (the electoral college) we do not elect our president by popular vote. Sorry, Al Gore lost; as did John Kerry. From the map you see just how far John Kerry was from claiming even a majority victory. And how conservative America really is.


    We see these far-left Democrats using their tools in the MSM to directly influence American voters. But it’s not working…we haven’t seen a boost in BHO’s poll numbers from either this convention or even from his VP selection of Biden. Americans just don’t want leftist culture…Americans are not liberal.

Share this information, especially with your Liberal friends and associates who wrongly believe that America is a Liberal Nation. Facts, as always, prove them wrong. And really...isn't proving Liberals wrong what life is all about?


Hmmm... lets reflect.

9% very liberal

9% approval rating of congress

Hmmm... I wonder...
Heh, really! Great point, Bug!
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