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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama's Mysterious Mystery Lover Man

You remember Larry Sinclair, right? The man that said he performed oral sex on Barack Hussein Obama, Junior and that Obama procured cocaine for him (Mr. Sinclair) and crack cocaine for himself (Obama).

Well, it seems there is a new mysterious mystery man in Obama's life. His name is Michael Signator. Politico:

    He's the star of bulletins chronicling Barack Obama's movements, one of only a few nonrelatives to consistently get time with the Democratic candidate for president and a trusted confidant who has shared some of the most pivotal moments of Obama's career with him.

    Yet journalists who have followed Obama's campaign for the better part of two years don't know what he looks like, staffers who have logged countless hours traveling with Team Obama didn't even know he works for the campaign and there's never been a story in a major media outlet about him.

    He is Michael Signator, an aide and buddy of the man who — according to polls — stands a better-than-50-50 shot of becoming the next president of the United States of America.

    Technically, Signator's job is to provide "supplemental security support" for Obama's presidential campaign and also to coordinate the Obama family's personal and campaign schedules, according to Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt.

    A police officer in a suburban Chicago town, Signator met Obama while volunteering for his 2004 U.S. Senate campaign, which eventually hired him as Obama's driver.

    For security reasons , Obama's presidential campaign refuses to reveal the details of Signator's
    role, but LaBolt said it brings Signator into frequent, close contact with the Obamas. [And even in closer contact with Barry! LOL! - Drake]


    Though Signator owns a home in suburban DuPage County — about an hour west of the Obamas' Chicago home — he also rents an apartment on the 16th floor of a high-rise called Regents Park, located just a few blocks from Obama's house in the leafy Kenwood neighborhood on Chicago's South Side.

    When Obama is at home, he works out regularly in the well-appointed gym on the ground floor of the building. But according to "protective pool reports" distributed among journalists following the campaign, Obama may also occasionally stop by the building just to hang out with "Sig," as some campaign staffers call him. [Oh, is that what living on the Down Low is called by Obama, "hang out with Sig"? - Drake]

    On a Sunday morning in late June, for instance, a pool report explained that Obama "went for a workout at his friend's Mike Signator's building. He wore his black White Sox cap; a gray T-shirt and black workout pants. He only stayed about 15 minutes. [Who does a 15 minute workout? No one. But that's plenty of time to...um...have some male-on-male action. - Drake] Press staff was unsure whether he worked out or just hung with his friend."

    Pool reports have characterized Signator as, among other things, a "friend," a "longtime aide" and a "former bodyman." [Wow, does this not just scream SECRET GAY RELATIONSHIP!?! - Drake]


    Signator, though, is 50 years old [Oh, so Barry likes his men older than he is, huh? - Drake] — three years older than Obama — and displays few of the trappings of a rising Beltway insider, with public records indicating he's spent most of his adult life in and around Chicago.

    Reached by telephone, he declined to comment on his relationship with Obama ["He's my beeatch", is what Sig is rumored to have said. - Drake] and his family, and asked how Politico obtained his telephone number.

PanAsian Biz:

    Michael Signator consistently gets time with Obama. [I'll bet he does! Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge!- Drake]


    Michael Signator is unrecognizable to Obama’s staffers.


    Michael Signator has been paid $47,600 so far this year.

    Michael Signator was paid $50,000 by Obama in 2004.


    Michael Signator has been quoted as joking joked that he “thought Barack was going to rise up over the people and start saying, ‘My children, my children, I have come to free you.’”

Gay Socialites.com asks, "When do the gay rumors start?"

Consider them started.

I bet Signator is on that flight to Hawaii with Obama...the flight that Obama didn't take his wife and children on.

Barry, come out of the closet. It's okay to be gay or bi.

I wonder if in the relationship Barry is the catcher or the pitcher? My money says he's the catcher.

I wonder if any Republican politician could get away with having such a mystery man in their campaign or staff and the MSM wouldn't go ape-shit in trying to discover and report every single detail about him?


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True or not, Barack's gotta know it's okay to be gay.

The straightest man in the world even says so!

It is okay to be gay or bi. But Obammy is living on the DL.

Thanks for the vid link!
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