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Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama To Hawaii, Why Now?

Grandmother Madelyn Dunham has been ailing for a while. Why is Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior going to Hawaii now? He's had other opportunities where he could have flown to Hawaii and visited her, so why now?

Why now?

I think he's traveling to Hawaii, less than two weeks before the election, because while he's there he's going to destroy all of his original documents regarding his birth records, records that correctly show that he was born in Kenya.

Obama has someone on the inside in the Hawaii department of records. Obama has bribed or is blackmailing this person, and the only person Obama completely trusts to destroy these records is himself. These records show he is not a naturally born citizen, therefore he is barred from running for president of the Unites States according to the constitutional requirements set for that office.

Maybe this is the issue that Dem VP Candidate Joe Biden was talking about when he said that six months into an Obama presidency he will be tested and that the initial action taken by Obama will not be what it appears to be. Maybe this what Biden meant, that we will have a constitutional crisis whereby it will be proven that Obama was not born a U.S. Citizen, therefore cannot serve as president of the United States. Maybe Obama refusing to resign the presidency is the crisis Biden is warning us about? Maybe Biden knows Obama was born in Kenya, not the U.S. Stranger things have happened.

I consider the timing of this trip to Hawaii suspicious, very suspicious. Especially when ObamaCrimes.com has been following the legal challenges against Obama regarding the location of his birth and his birth certificate.

Madelyn Dunham and Barry.
Happier Times, before he threw her under the bus

Is my theory crazy? Conspiratorial? Well, if Lefties can say - without any proof, none - that Bush and Cheney planned the attacks of September 11, I am not out of bounds at all suggesting that Obama's trip to Hawaii is for no other purpose than destroying all the original documents of his birth.

My theory isn't far-fetched at all. Thousands, maybe millions, of people believe Obama is not a naturally born citizen. The most simple thing to put this rumor to rest is for Obama to release his original, authenticated birth certificate that proves he was born in Hawaii - but he won't do this. Why not? Obama refuses to release his original birth certificate. Stop and think about that.

As for the purported Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) that Obama and his Cultists have reproduced on the web claiming it's authentic, I have reasonable doubt that it is legitimate. I can't tell you how many tedious hours I spent reviewing the pros and cons of online analysis of the alleged Obama COLB at numerous sites and blogs, both Left, Center and Right. My conclusion is that I have reasonable doubt that the COLB is authentic.

Reasonable doubt is all we need in the matter of where Obama was born. This could be so easily put to rest by Obama if he would only release his original and authenticated birth certificate but he won't do this? Why not?

Think about it. Ask yourself if you have reasonable doubt on this issue. If you do, you cannot in good conscience vote for him on election day.

One other word about Ms. Dunham. She was a very successful vice president of a bank - you know this, don't you? So it's rather strange that while The Obama Cultists seem to possess an over-the-top animosity toward anyone involved in the banking or lending industry, little is mentioned of Ms. Dunham's very successful career in an industry that Liberals so anxiously denigrate..

May Grandmother Madelyn Dunham recover quickly, wholly and fully. I wish her nothing but the very best of health. This isn't about her, I've never said anything of the sort. It's about Barry...it's all about Barry.


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