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Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama Is An Arab. Of course he is!

Three cheers for Gayle Quinnell for saying what everyone is thinking about Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Ms. Quinnell, attending a rally for John McCain in Lakeville, Minnesota, called Obama "an Arab." Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune:

    Late in the town hall meeting, Gayle Quinnell of Shakopee called Obama "an Arab." Taken aback, McCain shook his head and, taking the microphone from her, said, "No, ma'am. He's a decent family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues."

    After the rally, Quinnell was unrepentant. "You can't trust Barack Hussein Obama because he is a Muslim and a terrorist," she said.

Ms, Quinnell is Spot On. Maybe not so much about Obama being a Arab, but the rest - the rest is all part of the unanswered question; Who Is Barack Hussein Obama, Junior?

The answer is we don't know, nobody knows. Nobody knows the truth about Obama...no one. Why should those that doubt him believe him? For eight years The Left has decided to believe or not believe whatever they wanted to about President George W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney. The Left believes that 9-11 was an inside job, despite the overwhelming evidence that 9-11 was the result of a terrorist attack. So why does The Left presume to think that everyone should accept Obama's word when he has not been vetted, examined or told the truth about himself?

So, once again, I ask, why should anyone believe Obama when he says he's not a Muslim or a (Stealth) Terrorist?

Remember, it is Obama talking about his religion when he said, "my MUSLIM FAITH." Click on the link, see and hear the video for yourselves. Obama said, "my Muslim Faith" as effortlessly and as smoothly as someone says, "I like cake." And had Liberal Toady George Stephanopoulos not jumped in to save his Messiah from those words, Obama wouldn't have realized he spoke them..."my MUSLIM FAITH." He said it, it was no slip. It was a shining moment of truthfulness from Obama about himself.

Sharia Law and the United States of Arabic Countries, Courtesy an Obama Presidency

Do you know Obama
still hasn't released his original birth certificate? Why not, what is he trying to hide? The DNC is fighting tooth and nail against Obama having to release his birth certificate. Again, what is he trying to hide?

Obama claims he's not a Muslim and never has been, yet all this is against him. And what about that school register of Obama in Indonesia that lists his religion as Islam?

Item # 4 in the above image. Religion: Islam

Obama admits he took part in praying several times a day as required by Islam. Why is he trying to distance himself from what he called, "a beautiful religion?"

What will you do should Obama win the election, be sworn into office and then, what if it's discovered that he really doesn't meet the standard of being a Naturalized Citizen in order to serve as President of The United States?

I know Obama Cultists would just shrug, still in a state of mud-pie making in their underpants to care.

We don't know who Obama is, is the truth of it all. We don't know him, therefore we cannot trust him. We don't know him, because he has refused to show us who he really is. He says he's not a terrorist, yet he has done fund-raising for the terrorist group Hamas.

He says he's not a terrorist, but his close friendship (which he now denies) with Domestic Terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn give us fair reason to not believe what he tells us.

His twenty-plus year association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright - who said that the attacks of September 11 were payback for the bombs we Democrat Warmonger Harry Truman dropped on Japan - gives us pause that we do not remotely know who Obama is.

We don't know him. He hasn't honestly explained who he is. He cannot be trusted. We don't know that he is or is not an Arab. Or a terrorist. Or a stealth terrorist. See, only The Left is allowed to have their conspiracy theories promoted, accepted and unchallenged. Well, welcome Obama Cultists, to the world of Obama is a Terrorist. Get used to it, it's not going to go away.


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No one should trust him. He hasn't been vetted at all. You're so right on this.
Oh my god, please. What a pile of ridiculous drivel. He's a politician just like any other. You know, even if everything you're saying even has a grain of truth, are you not aware that the federal government operates with three bodies? Presidential, Judicial and the Legislative? Do you really think that what your arguing makes any sense? You're just the product of institutional racism that pervades every aspect of this country. Of all the thing you could be doing to contribute to the state of our society, you choose to write this ignorant filth on your little blog. Way to be a true patriot.
Hello and Welcome, old Bruise.

I glanced at your site and found this gem from your writing:

"I overdrew from my account yesterday. I knew I was going to overdraw, and yet I didn't transfer the money to my checking account in a timely manner. So WAMU stole $33 from me in revenge. This pisses me off."

Boy, I guess you're just a mental giant huh? You knew you would overdraft but went ahead and did it anyway. Yep, you're smarter than the rest of us! Bwa ha ha ha ha!

I also see you wrote about Professional Protesters. You realize these PP'ers are all Hellbent uber-Liberals, right? That's because Conservatives are too busy earning a living and supporting the welfare class.

Did you get your end of the year bonus? Did you donate the entire amount to a worthy charity? Why not?

You're a dumb cunt. A product of institutional dumb cuntedness.

What the fuck do you know about being a patriot?

Awwww, poor bruised cunt only likes the First Amendment and Free Speech when it agrees with her own political bias.

DIAF. Look it up in at urbandictionary.com

Wait, you're too dumb to type in that url. It stands for


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