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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Can't Multitask, Suspends
Campaign For Ailing Racist Granny

It appears that Barry McTeleprompter can't multi-task. Remember how the Obama campaign and the Obama Cultists lobbed false accusations at John McCain, saying that he can't multi-task? They said this about McCain because he temporally suspended his campaign and flew back to Washington D.C. concerning the bailout legislation.

It seems that Barry can't visit Grammy AND campaign at the same time. Huh...that's not very Messiah-like!

So Barry suspends his campaign in order to visit his ailing WHITE grandmother, the very same WHITE grandmother that he threw under the bus? The very same WHITE grandmother he called a racist? Oh yes, that's right, Barry said his WHITE grandmother is a racist. Nice guy, huh?
FOX News:

    Barack Obama called his grandmother a "typical white person" in a radio interview on Thursday, raising eyebrows among some of his critics only days after he sought to bridge racial division in a major campaign speech.


    Obama described his grandmother as a woman who was at times fearful of black men.

    In the speech, he said: "I can no more disown [Rev. Jeremiah Wright] than I can disown my white grandmother, a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed her by on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe."

What is a, "typical white person?" If Barry can ask that question with impunity, then it is of course appropriate to ask, what is a typical black person? Obama is implying that typical white persons are racist. If that is true - which it's not - then it also must be true that your typical black person likes fried chicken, watermelon and most likely lives on welfare. Oh, and they're all criminals to some degree or another.

Why does Barry need to suspend his campaign while he goes to Hawaii to visit his ailing racist WHITE grandmother? I guess ol' Barry McTeleprompter can't multi-task.

Barry and his racist WHITE Grandma.
She loves him, he throws her under the bus. Nice guy, isn't he?


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He has said this before:

4:10 into the video: "The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity - she doesn't. But she is a typical white person who... if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know there's a reaction in her that's been bred into our experiences that don't go away, and that sometimes come out in the wrong way." Barack Obama


Obviously he thinks it's an appropriate statement... does that mean he's a typical black man?
He must mean that Bug, the Messiah would never misspeak or say something that wasn't completely truthful and accurate.

The man is a racist and so is his wife.

I want to known when Michelle's "I hate whitey" video is going to be released!
Larry Johnson is now saying the party, or operatives within, probably won't release it. Whether that's under McCain's directive or the tape never existed in the first place, I don't know.

But for the Barkster to have so vehemently denied that ME-chelle said nothing more then "Why'd He.." leads me to believe that there's something to it.

Hawaii? The grandmother? Oh, puh-leaze. He's got lawsuit problems, he's got citizenship problems, he's got birth certificate problems. And there HAVE been developments in the case since his last little beach romp.
He's got "bizness to take care of, yo"! Ain't no time for the WHITE grandmother, for REAL!

I don't see him flying ME-chelle's fat, Iranian-caviar eating, lobster-chomping, champagne-swigging ass, not to mention their two future terrorist crotchdroppings, which would sort of be the expected way a good upstanding American family would do for a beloved relative in failing health? HA!

Obongo's the ultimate sham politician and he ain't humanizing himself now.

He's like the Henry Hill character in Goodfellas.....he's gonna get ORGANIZED..

Couldn't you just hurl, at the obscenity of it all?

Barack Obama is not a racist, he was raised by his white mother and white grandparents...his wife is another story, but she fits within a spectrum of feelings of those who are called "involuntary minorities." Barack doesn't share the same culture as his wife, even though he spent a good portion of his life pursuing it...look at his style, he doesn't have the chip on shoulder style..he appears calm/detached and rarely attacks his opponents viciously if at all.

Not every "involuntary minority" ("im") hates America, but that feeling is there because as an "im" your apart of a group that has not always been readily accepted or even tolerated. So feelings of resentment and alienation are to be expected, and understood as a typically human reaction to a previously unjust historical social structure...there are plenty of other "im" like me who keep the past to the past and do not have any feelings of alienation or resentment (forget what you see on TV, there are 30+ million black people in this country, getting a few thousand to show up at a given protest is not a big accomplishment). (by the way this happens around the world in multi-ethnic countries) Barack knew very little of the "im" culture growing up, he was not exposed to it until later in life.

A question for you, if what you say is true then how did he raise so much money? He is swimming in cash, do you think an Afro-Marxist would seriously be able to accumulate that much in campaign contributions from a majority white country...if all he needed was white guilt, then Jesse Jackson would have already won the democratic nomination in '84 and the white house.

There is something else going on, personally I think Barrack doesn't have an ideology(meaning his is a centrist, a DLC-democratic leadership council- kind of democrat)...he deftly positioned himself (used politically expedient relationships) to be where he is now. That is my curiosity in him, and yes his being black helps but that is not the only reason why I will vote for him...I want to see what he would do as President, where you don't have to kiss anyone's a-- anymore. I want to see the real Barack Hussein Obama.

And no I am not afraid he will destroy the country, we still have elections, a supreme court, and a constitution after all...checks and balances, assuming congress re-asserts its constitutional oversight authority.

-yes the "Roderick" from Two Dogs...
Right after he get elected and starts up the re education camps.
You cannot fix past injustices by perpetrating present injustices...

I don't see him flying ME-chelle's fat, Iranian-caviar eating, lobster-chomping, champagne-swigging ass, not to mention their two future terrorist crotchdroppings, which would sort of be the expected way a good upstanding American family would do for a beloved relative in failing health? HA!

That cracks me up!

There is so much that the MSM just doesn't care about reporting or investigating and you named many of them.

Actually, I have been hurling obscenities at my PC screen from time to time these days.
Roderick, welcome back.

I am short on time right now, but let me respond to a couple of things.

You know - I think the "racist" label gets thrown around way too much these days and it being overused has diluted it. It's a strong word and a stong accusation. It also has been used for political motivations, often by The Left. (Again, The Far Left, not Centrist Democrats or Moderates). I would disagree with you that Obama is not a racist. I don't think Obama is a full-blown racist, I think he habors some racism re: what he said about his grandmother.

I never said every involuntary minority hates America and I'm not saying that in my post. If you're saying I am, please show me where.

RE: The Money. The campaign contributions: I wrote a few posts down or so that much of his money is being bundled and the original sources may, indeed be questionable (i.e. from foreign donors). I find it hard to believe that his supporters are ponying up $50, $75, $100 again and again, considering how they all say the economy sucks (it does) and that no one has any money.

I would disagree Obama is a Centrist, as you say. His voting record as a U.S. Senator and as an Illinois legislator was very Liberal. Very Liberal.

Roderick, I wouldn't vote for Obama if he held the views he has and had a "R" after his name or claimed to be a conservative. I won't vote for him because of his Liberal positions on issues. I think there's a lot of people who think like I do. I don't care what color or gender someone is as a politician, I base my support or lack thereof on their politicies and voting record.

I think it would be a slippery slope with Obama in the WH and Pelosi and Reid in charge of Congress. We know Dems do not have the ability to investigate themselves (Fannie, Freddie, Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, etc, etc), so as far as checks and balances and oversignt, in my opinon, with the Houses and WH controlled by Dems, there's no telling the amount of destruction they could do.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it.
Arc, you remember the white train cars spotted during the Clinton presidency and all the talk about Martial law under Clinton? Barry will imprison his critics. And I'm being only slightly snarky in saying this. Fascism comes from Socialism. Barry is a Socialist.
Yes and let’s talk about civil liberties shall we... I'm not sure what rights I gave up to GWB over the last 8 years but the 8 before that saw some scary shit with regards to the way Clinton used the Justice Department as his personal brown shirts. (Look up Hitler and the SA for that reference.)

The involuntary minority comment was just a general comment, I rarely see a pro-American African American on TV/radio doing any kind of commentary...npr/fox/etc.. It seems to me mostly anti-America (resentful/chip on shoulder types) African Americans get most of the air time, as such it is easy to get a one sided picture. Just wanted people who read your blog to not take what they see on TV or hear/read in the media as factual....just like they keep reporting on the Black/Latino tensions, yet they fail to hammer the point home that 90%+ of each group die at the hands of their own group...the black on Latino or Latino on black crime is not remotely a significant "race" based problem,just the side effects of gang activity where innocent people are harmed whatever ethnicity they belong to.


I agree. I don't know of any civil liberties that anyone gave up, unless an American was talking to a terrorist in Iraq or Afghanistan or other country known as a safe-harbor for terrorists.

Clinton and Reno were the New Brownshirts. I agree. How quickly the unthinking Left forgets about the raid on the Miami home giving shelter to Elian Gonzalez, Oklahoma City and Waco, Texas.

I rarely see a pro-American African American on TV/radio doing any kind of commentary...npr/fox/etc.. It seems to me mostly anti-America (resentful/chip on shoulder types) African Americans get most of the air time

You make a good point, yes, it seems to me that I see more of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that I do of Juan Williams, which I think is in line with your original comment.

And it is sad that there exists so much black on black crime and that saying that, if said by a white person, can so quickly be labeled "racism". I haven't looked up the statistics, but I'm willing to bet that the majority of crimes against whites is committed by other white people.

No one on the Right or Center accused black Americans of racism or sexism when they didn't support Alan Keyes or Elizabeth Dole in their presidential campaigns.

It boils down to what I've said in comments and published in posts: I'm not voting for Obama because his political ideology is - for me - way, way, way Far Left. My not supporting him has zero to do with his skin color.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
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