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Monday, October 06, 2008

Keating Five Invalid Attack On McCain

Obama Cultists are ratcheting up unwarranted attacks on John McCain and attempting to tie in his character and ethical behavior to The Keating Five. Well, here's a little fact for those people. AZ Central:

    Keating Five Special Prosecutor (A Democrat. - Drake)] Robert Bennett, who would later represent President Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones case [...] in his opening remarks went lightly on McCain, the lone Republican ensnared with four Democrats.

    "In the case of Senator McCain, there is very substantial evidence that he thought he had an understanding with Senator DeConcini's office that certain matters would not be gone into at the meeting with (bank board) Chairman (Ed) Gray," Bennett said.

    "Moreover, there is substantial evidence that, as a result of Senator McCain's refusal to do certain things, he had a fallout with Mr. Keating."


    In the end, McCain received only a mild rebuke from the Ethics Committee for exercising "poor judgment" for intervening with the federal regulators on behalf of Keating. Still, he felt tarred by the affair. [He was tarred by the Dems. - Drake].


    McCain noted that Bennett, the independent counsel, recommended that McCain and [John] Glenn be dropped from the investigation.

And Outside The Beltway:

    ...Bennett, who was the special investigator during the Keating Five scandal that The Times revisited in the article, said that he fully investigated McCain back then and suggested to the Senate Ethics Committee to not pursue charges against McCain because of "no evidence against him."


    ...he said that he felt the Committee pursued charges against McCain because, without him, the case would have been entirely against Democrats.

Again, we have this pesky little facts that the Dems seem to so intentionally dismiss when it comes to McCain and the Keating Five.


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If John McCain was accused of bad judgement when he was a 56 year old man, and his bad judgement aided in the loss of billions of Dollars of savings and loan funds that elderly and retired people never recovered, then his bad judgement and his reprimand is very relevant. It ties right into what is going on in the economy today and his conservative Republican dogma of no regulation. If Johm McCain wants to send out Sarah Palin to do a guilt by association smear, then McCain gets the very same back at him. That Keating Five scandal will surely touch a very raw nerve with most Americans after the last few weeks of this bailout scandal. John McCain is just too risky to take a chance on, and he pals around with corrupt fat cat lobbiest who do not put America First!
Sigh. Guilt-by-association smears are slimy.

The Pharisees smeared Jesus by pointing out that he was keeping the company of prostitues, sinners, tax-collectors.

Who anybody is friendly with is an irrelevant distraction and is character assasination.

What is important is specific actions, especially actions taken in the context of public service.

John McCain was not censured by the Senate Ethics Committee, true. But he was NOT EXONERATED by that body. He was, in fact, reprimanded. How convenient that this fact gets swept under the rug by McCain supporters.

"Exercising questionable judgement" is the phrase, and it's an exceedingly valid point for discussion, particularly when McCain brags about being "exonerated" in this affair.

I think we need officials who don't "exercise questionable judgement" in their official capacities.

Is "judgment" your standard? If it is, I hope your objective enough to consider seriously Obama's (bad) judgment in his associations with Tony Rezko, Rev Wright, Fthr Plager, Larry Walsh, Donnie McClurkin, William Ayers, Obama's voting for allowing aborted babies be left to die. Seriously, is that the kind of judgment standard you're using?

Bennett, the independent counsel, recommended that McCain and [John] Glenn be dropped from the investigation.

Those are facts. There was nothing to prosecute McCain on, yours is a politically biased and emotional reaction. It belies facts.

I see you're an independent and fair thinker, by a photo of McCain at your blog with a subtitle: McCain has become a lying sleaze-ball.

I also see where you wrote a post not in favor of the $800+Billion bailout - on that we agree and find common ground.

The prosecutor couldn't find any significant charges to prosecute McCain. Would you have preferred he made some up? Is this what you want?

Guilt by association...STEVE, DEMS do that all the time, it's all they do. Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, K-Street, Bush, Bush, Cheny, Bush, Santorum, Bush, Cheny...

give me a break.

Are you saying Obama is Jeebus because of the company he keeps? LMAO!
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