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Sunday, October 26, 2008

How Does Michael Signator Pay
Both Rent And A Mortgage?

Who is Michael Signator; is he Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's secret gay lover, bodyguard, drug dealer, workout partner? Well, click on the previous hypertext link and you'll find out that Signator is quite the mystery man. Nobody knows anything about him. And it seems the MSM isn't interested in finding out anything about him either, unlike the MSM's obsession with Sarah Palin.

According to Pan Asian Biz.com, Signator has been paid the following amounts from Obama:

    Michael Signator has been paid $47,600 so far this year.

    Michael Signator was paid $50,000 by Obama in 2004.

According to Politico, very little is known about Signator, but we do know this much about him:

    A police officer in a suburban Chicago town, Signator met Obama while volunteering for his 2004 U.S. Senate campaign, which eventually hired him as Obama's driver.


    Though Signator owns a home in suburban DuPage County — about an hour west of the Obamas' Chicago home — he also rents an apartment on the 16th floor of a high-rise called Regents Park, located just a few blocks from Obama's house in the leafy Kenwood neighborhood on Chicago's South Side.

So, it's rather curious how Signator can afford to pay rent at Regents Park and at the same time pay a home mortgage in DuPage County.

Regents Park advertises itself as luxury apartments for rent. Scroll down that page and you will see the words RENT RANGES. Click on those words and a small window opens showing the following monthly rent for the various apartment sizes:

    Apartment Size / Apx. Sq. Ft. / Rent Range
    Studio / 550 - 650 / $1,025 - $1,250
    One Bedroom 715 - 750 / $1,195 - $1,435
    Two Bed / Two Bath / 1,095 - 1,140 / $1,495 - $1,875
    Three Bed / Two Bath / 1,255 / $1,895 - $2,250

DuPage County, where Signator owns a home, is no low cost affordable housing either:

    The residential real estate values in 2006 in DuPage County, Illinois are greater than the Census values accounted for in the year 2000. The values have increased by $123,900 or 63.5%, since their median values in that year of 2000 of $195,000.

    DuPage County had a median home value in the year 2000 of $195,000 according to the 2000 Census. This value is greater than the State of Illinois 2000 home value of $130,800.

Here are some communities in DuPage County and current asking prices for homes:

    Bloomingdale, IL - $469,975

    Roselle, IL - $115,000

    West Chicago, IL - $158,900

    Roselle, IL - $219,900

    Bartlett, IL - $498,990

    Naperville, IL - $170,000

    Winfield, IL - $295,990

    Wheaton, IL - From the upper $600's

I guess I have to ask how Signator affords paying rent at Regents Park and a mortgage on the rather meager salary paid to him by Obama? Maybe this is all attributable to Obama's Trickle Up Economics.


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