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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Final Presidential Debate Analysis

A quick take on what was the final Presidential Debate, which was held on Wednesday night at Hoffstra University, between Republican John McCain and Democrat Marxist Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

* Obama wore his U.S. Flag lapel pin. Wearing it must really pain him, but he knows he must wear it. He'll remove it faster than you can say ACORN Voter Fraud should he be elected.

* I watched most of Wednesday's debate on NBC which used the split-screen television which presented Obama on the left side of the screen and McCain on the right.

* Here's a freebie for the McCain Campaign for a devastating campaign ad: Many times while McCain was speaking Obama was laughing. Take the footage of Obama laughing - at least three times that I noted - splice it together and loop it as a political ad.

You can call Obama's inappropriate laughing disrespectful, and Obama Cultists can simply dismiss it, as they do any criticism of their Messiah. The question is, is this how Obama will behave and conduct himself with foreign leaders and dignitaries - by laughing and grinning when they say something with which he disagrees? Obama is no statesman. He doesn't know how to behave in the presence of others. Say what you want about McCain - who still hasn't earned my vote or convinced me not to sit out this election - but he's not going to erupt in laughter at during inappropriate times.

* One of McCain's stronger moments came when he said to Obama, "why would you raise taxes" on anyone? Obama couldn't counter this, he had no answer or response.

* With two presidential debates behind him, and in the third and final debate, Obama still cannot list one program that he'd cut or where he would reduce spending. Here's one, how about the Department of Education?

"Anytime, any place."

* I'm glad that McCain mentioned Obama had originally promised and agreed to participate in several more debates, especially of the town style format. Then Obama reneged and McCain called him on it. Obama chickened out of his original commitment of taking part in more debates.

* I'm also glad McCain mentioned Obama's original promise to accept public campaign funding but then he reneged, becoming just another radically Liberal politician beholden to big money special interest groups and individuals.

* It didn't take long for Obama, lacking a teleprompter, to slip into his true inarticulate self and began stammering and stuttering, "uh...look...(pause)...uh...I...uh...."

"Americans are cynical."

* Obama said, "Americans are cynical." Really? I wonder why, because The Left has reached across the aisle so much in the past eight years, really operating on a bi-partisan basis for the good of all Americas. How can Americans be cynical when The Left has so forcefully supported our Military. How can Americans be cynical when groups like Code Pink have set aside their subversive agenda and instead worked to unite the country rather than spewing rhetoric to divide it? Yep, it sure is puzzling why Americans are cynical.

Unprecedented Campaign Spending

* Obama is the undisputed champ of unprecedented campaign spending. This is okay with the Liberals and the Cultists. They've made an amazing flip-flop, haven't they? This is the crowd that spit blood when condemning Republican politicians' campaign war chest. But oh, when a Dem candidate spends unprecedented amounts - so much which is bundled money, untraceable to sources and foreign money - they're suddenly okay with it.

* I heard Obama dismiss his close and longtime friendship with Domestic Terrorist William Ayers and that he was 8 or 9 years old when Ayers was committing acts of terrorism. I didn't hear Obama say anything about Ayers' statement after September 11, that he wishes America would have suffered more losses of life and damage.

Barry reminds me of the Joker.
But Barry is much more scary!

Obama The Laughing Candidate

* Obama's laugh is so smug and condescending. Keep it up, keep up the smugness.

The split screen was devastating to Obama. It's his laughing. As I mentioned, is this how he will conduct himself when meeting with foreign dignitaries.

* McCain made a verbal gaffe and referred to Obama as "Senator Government." No slip could be more appropriate and accurate.


* McCain: "Abortion rests in the hands of the state." YES! This is monumental.

See, there's a whole bunch of us who disagree with Roe vs. Wade not so much on moral grounds, but on Constitutional grounds; that Roe v Wade is not a federal matter because those responsibilities not specifically reserved for the federal government then fall to the States.

No Child Left Behind

* You can't blame Bush for NCLB. He didn't author the bill. He got the ball rolling, yes, and he sought bi-partisan help in fleshing out his idea. His idea was fleshed out by none other than Super Duper Liberal Ted Kennedy, NCLBs primary author. If you have problems with NCLB as legislation, your disappointment has to be correctly and factually directed at Ted Kennedy.

* Obama's closing statement was terribly written and executed. Just awful. This is who he really is when it comes to public speaking and no teleprompter. Go out there and find it and watch it again. He couldn't put together the simplest of sentences.


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Oddly, enough, if Barry Obama WAS only eight years old in 1981, when the Weathermen stopped bombing and robbing stuff, he would just now be eligible to be president, right? Barry is 47 years old. Everyone keeps saying that Ayers was a 1960's radical. The Weathermen weren't created until 1969 and bombed stuff from 1970 to 1974, the last crime was the Brinks truck robbery in 1981. Ayers was underground until 1980. He is a 1980's terrorist, not a 1960's terrorist. BIG difference. Also, a mere nine years after Ayers turned himself in, Barry was working with Bernadine Dohrn. So was Michelle. They were both grown and working along side the terrorists, but of course, Ayers was only a 1960's radical according to the MSM.

That is the truth of the matter concerning Barry's love affair with the domestic terrorists, Ayers and Dohrn.
Two Dogs, thank you for those fantastic facts!
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