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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Biden Says Electing Obama Brings Crisis

Vice Presidential Candidate, longtime U.S. Senator from Delaware and entrenched 30-plus year D.C. Insider Joe Biden said, on Monday, that electing his running mate, Democrat Presidential Candidate and U.S. Senator from Illinois, Barack Hussein Obama, Junior will usher in a “major international crisis”. Times Online:

    Biden, who was speaking at a fundraiser in Seattle on Sunday night, said: “Mark my words, it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here . . . we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

    Mr Biden cited Russia and the Middle East as possible places that may cause problems, as well as the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan – “crawling with al-Qaeda” – as being of concern.

    “He’s gonna need help,” the senator added, “Because it’s not gonna be apparent, initially, that we’re right.”

    He added: “I probably shouldn’t have said all this because it dawned on me that the press is here.”

    Both campaigns have been briefed by the Bush Administration on intelligence amid warnings that terrorists and rogue states will seek to exploit the three-month transition period after the election in November.

Why, it sounds just like Biden is playing The Fear Card, something The Left says it doesn't do?

Or is Biden letting his base (aka The Obama Cultist Taliban) know that Obama may not be able to keep his promise of deploying U.S. Troops out of Iraq as quickly as he had promised?

Or, is Biden is ginning it up for Obama, as president, invading another sovereign country with the U.S. Military Industrial Complex?

Or is Biden sending a message to the Obama Cultists - the "War is always wrong" crowd - that Obama may have to respond to a terrorist attack by using force?

Biden certainly can't have dissent within the Obama Cultists if, as president, Obama responds in the same manner of defending our country as ...(GASP!)... President George W. Bush. Obama doing the same as Bush, oh, The Cultists would have to super glue their mouths shut to keep their Blame America First rhetoric bottled up inside them.

I thought Obama was beloved by "the whole world," that "the world is waiting for a leader like Obama." I thought Obama was "going to bring appeasement and pacifism peace and unity to the entire planet"? This is what his Cultists say about him. Why would anyone "test Obama?"

This comes down to a simple issue of trust and experience. Who do you trust to deal with terrorists and terrorism, John McCain or Barack Hussein Obama, Junior?

Biden is saying we're safer under McCain and that our Allies can depend on us with McCain. Can't say the same for Obama.

An Obama presidency will bring "an international crisis." Fantastic, Joe, great job. I wonder how much the Clintons are paying him to make statements like this?


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Will someone please tell Biden that the "war on terror" was just made up by the Neocons to steal Iraqi oil. Sheeze. I thought Biden knew this already.
First... Biden is an idiot... or a freaky genius. He speaks in riddles that Alice in Wonderland envies and he has some sort of hidden agenda that only he and his special friend understand.

Second… I still think the man is throwing this election.

Third… I too thought Obama was loved by everyone. What I think is that they don’t really love him… they’re using him as a catalyst to propel the Left into power that will lead into socialism. If this county is socialistic… other countries will have more opportunities to become stronger and eventually overthrow the United States and cause us to be considered a Third World. Conspiracy theory? I wonder.
okay, so honesty is the best policy.. but then again, if biden was trying to make a point, it's a point that's rather vague to me.
I heard it yesterday, and it makes sense... If Obama is elected what will Israel do with regard to Iran? They will attack in the two months before Obama takes office because they will at least have the current administrations support...
Molson, yeah, that's what we've heard from The Left for 7 years, terrorism is just a neocon creation. Why fret, right?

Scare tactics? Fear Card? What's that?!?!?!

All of your points are valid. I think I'm subjectively agreeing with "Biden is stupid" more than the others, not so much that he is "stupid" (but he is), as much as his gaffes show us who he really is, a blowhard who thinks he's an intellectual who is anything but.

I heard that too, I forget where. That if Obama is elected, that Israel will bomb Iran before Obama is sworn into office. It makes sense, and I think Israel is completely in the right to do just that. You too?

Well, I dunno if it's vague at all, it seems pretty clear to me. Give us more details why you think it's vague.
I'm thinking the point is Hillary 2012
Arc, as bad as the past two year election has been, I don't know if I can stomach Hillary campaigning all over again from 2010-2012.
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