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Saturday, September 06, 2008

What Did Obama The Community Organizer Do?

When was the last time you met a community organizer who told you that their goal is to be the president of the United States? I'll wait for all the Good Little Socialists to add their anonymous comments - anonymous because they are afraid to put a name to their words - to this post.

What did The Affirmative Action Candidate do as a community organizer? Let's take a look:

* He told the less fortunate that he offers them fresh, clean bong water.

* He sold nickel and dime bags of pot and crack to the needy.

* We know he used his role as a community organizer as only a stepping stone in order to further his own personal enrichment in achieving his grandiose and self-serving plans in politics.

* He bought his home in a very shadowy deal with help from Tony Rezko who is a convicted felon.

* He had, and still has, a close friendship with domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

* He claims he helped the unemployed find jobs, but we haven't heard from a single person who can substantiate and give credibility to this claim.

* He supposedly helped the poor, but once again we haven't heard from a single person who can substantiate and give credibility to this claim.

* He supposedly helped those who needed medical help and health care, but once again we haven't heard from a single person who can substantiate and give credibility to this claim.

* During community events, he walked around with a coffee pot asking people if they need a refill.

* During community events, he walked around asking people, "did you have enough to eat?"

* He shared recipes for jello and three-bean salads.

* He performed shadow puppetry on the wall for children.

* He knew where to find the crayons, the construction paper and the safety scissors.

* He knew where the new urinal cakes were stored when they needed to be replaced.

* He was living life on the Down Low, secretly having sexual relationships with other men while pretending to be happily married to Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman.

* He spent time ministering and counseling hope and change to those who were clinging to their guns and to their religion.

* He held the door open for others.

See, all these things undoubtedly qualify him, and give him the necessary experience for the White House.


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I mean it, you better back up off the hand shadow puppeteers. Dude, they are vicious.

I know, I've been there. It ain't pretty.
I am already receiving death threats from hand shadow puppets, believe it or not. I have taken to carrying a concealed weapon (9mm Glock) and have moved to an "undisclosed location" deep, deep in a bunker!
You think you're funny don't you?
Absolutely Chuck. Absolutely!
hey if the left half of the blogoshere can invent stories...
No problem, David. I am just the jokester. I find your political views humorous; you may find mine to be unintelligent. We can come to some middle ground. I'm not voting Obama at this time either. If I were Hillary, I'd run as an Independent. She would surely win.
The great product of the Chicago machine...
Give 'em hell, David!
Ahhh Michael, another non-blogger with a link from his name to a "Profile not Available" result.

There's nothing in my list that doesn't have elements of truth to it.

Truth and facts are hard do deal with, aren't they Mike?

Spot on. He is exactly the product of the oily Chicago pol machinery.

It is what it is.

Oh, you know it! Thanks for the encouragement!
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