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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Somali Parents Insist Children
Be Allowed To Pray In School

From Minnesota Pubic Radio:

    Willmar school district officials will meet with Somali families [Tuesday morning] to discuss concerns over prayer times.

    A few Somali families didn't send their children to school in Willmar last week, because the parents said junior high school administrators are not allowing their children to pray.

    Muslims observe prayer five times a day, and those times change with the lunar calendar. This school year, one of those prayer times falls during class instruction.

    Willmar superintendent Jerry Kjergaard said children are allowed to pray during lunch time and between periods to minimize the impact on the classroom.

    "A student leaving and entering class for a period as short as five minutes has the potential of disrupting that class. Teachers may have to re-teach the material they missed, students may be taking a test and it could disrupt them while the other students enter and leave," Kjergaard said.

    Kjergaard said six years ago, district leaders and Somali families agreed to provide a room for children to pray during non-instructional time.

And the UPDATE from WCCO:

    Willmar public school officials are sticking with their original policy on when to allow Somali students to pray.

    Some Somali parents in Willmar had complained that the public schools weren't allowing their Muslim children to step out of class for daily prayer. Some didn't send their children to school last week in protest.

    School officials met with a Somali parent to listen to the concerns but said they're not changing their policy.

Good! Good for the school! The Liberals and the ACLU have told us for decades that prayer has no place in public schools. But whoa Nelly, how accommodating the Libs and ACLU suddenly get when it comes to Islam in public schools. It's funny because the Libs and the ACLU fought tooth and nail and filed lawsuit after lawsuit when the issue was Christians or Jews trying to worship their faith in a public school. A Nativity Scene in a public school during Christmas? Not if the Libs and the ACLU has anything to say about it.

What's the difference with the Muslims? Well, my guess is that the Libs and the ACLU'ers prefer their heads attached to their bodies, not separated from it. And what's the worst fate the Libs and ACLU'ers would suffer from Christians and Jews? Oh, the worst is that the Christians and Jews would pray for the Libs and the ACLU'ers.

It's amazing how the Libs and ACLU'ers lube up and bend over, grabbing their ankles. Why, I bet they don't even grit their teeth.


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Isn't being anti-Christian being intolerant? Inquiring minds want to know. Don't expect the answer to come from the ACLU.
It's either fear based or monitary gain based. A nativity scene stays up for a couple of weeks... a "special room" where students can pray is there all year round. Is it more spiritual to pray in a special room? How many kids try to pray over their meals and get made fun of or laughed at because their hands are clasped and their eyes are closed? And yet everyone OOOs and AHHHs over those who bow in a private room... like they're some how MORE SPECIAL than other children. More special?

Again... liberals are hypocrites and swing whichever way the wind benefits them.

I dunno, I think the ACLU says being anti-Christian and anti-Jew is fine. I think they say it's SUPPOSED to be that way. Sonsabitches.

I am freakin' amazed at how eager and willing the ACLU takes it up the ass when it comes to Islam. Like I said, I imagine they do this because they enjoy their heads being attached to their bodies.

How many kids try to pray over their meals and get made fun of or laughed at because their hands are clasped and their eyes are closed? And yet everyone OOOs and AHHHs over those who bow in a private room... like they're some how MORE SPECIAL than other children. More special?

THAT is such a excellent point that I didn't think of - the prayer at the lunch table compared to the praying in a private room.

That's the great part of everyone on my blog roll, I learn so much from them - people like you, Molson and all the others.
What has never made sense to me is this... Islamo-facists are just right-wing religious kooks with guns...

Right wing = bad
Religious = bad
Guns = bad

I can't be the only one who sees this inconsistency?

Well, kinda - yeah - I guess. The Islamofacsists do seem to take their religion so seriously that if you disagree with them they will kill you, which is something Christians and Jews stopped doing centuries ago.

I'm not saying in the post that the Somali parents are violent or anything, they may be and they may not be. I don't know. I'm sure the majority of them are peaceful. But if any Jew or Christian kept their kids out of school because they weren't being allowed to pray I don't think any group like the ACLU would be supporting them. I do think that the Left would be ridiculing them for expecting to have the school sanction and allowing them to even think they have a right to pray in a public school.

If you think of politics as a circle instead of a straight line, then the Far Far Far Left is very close to the Far Far Far Right. Instead of being at opposite ends of the straight line, they are rubbing elbows in the circle comparison.

The Islamofacists want to live in a 7th century mentality as Mohammed wanted them to do. Excpet - as a friend of mine says - they MUST HAVE THEIR CELL PHONES! Yeah, cell phones are such a 7th century accessory!

I'm signing off for the night. You and Bug and Ellie have a great evening.
there is a web sie I think it's called http://www.politicalcompass.org/...very cool I think this is rather more revealing than the standard left right scale... I by the way am all the way over to the right and just a touch down...good night
Thanks for the site info Arc. I will check that out in a bit. It sounds interesting.
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