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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC Protesters Throw Feces

As I wrote in this post, the protester/anarchists are behaving worse than can be imagined. Where is the love, where is the diplomacy? The protesters claims they dislike violence and embrace peaceful methods of reconciliation. You sure wouldn't know it from how they behave.

Wired reports on the Tuesday night antics of the protesters which included throwing feces at the police:

    [Tom Walsh, the St. Paul police department's public information officer] pointed to the Poor People's March on Sunday (which was still going on yesterday), where he said the rioters co-opted the peaceful demonstrators' events and started hurling feces, urine, rocks and bottles.

    "The peaceful protesters lost control of their march because of these rioters, and that continues to be the pattern," he said.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign's March for Our Lives set off. They were carrying bags of urine, feces and bricks and "were identified in crowds as they began to set up to disrupt a peaceful protest down at Mears Park."

Mears Park is a nice, one square block area, with benches, trees and is an area where downtown St. Paul apartment and condo dwellers can sit and relax, walk and play with their dogs, sit down and have a game of checkers or chess with others, play with their children, eat lunch or just sit and people watch. And these fucking pigs from the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign have the audacity to deface it? Off with their heads!

These pathetic excuses for human beings should be locked in an 14th century style jail cell filled with rats and only a bucket for their bodily excretion functions. They behave like animals; they behave worse than animals so treat them as such. They are a disgrace to those protesters who actually do protest peacefully and civilly.


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Wow... I should switch sides... their class is just outstanding.
Aren't they the classiest, intellectual folks you've ever read about?
Good god, I dislike the Republican party, but christ's sake that's just filthy.
Anony @ 5:58PM

Yes it is filthy. I'm pleased to hear you say so. Would YOU want to be protesting and get hit with a bag of shit and piss? Not very tempting is it?

FYI: There's plenty about the Repub Party I disagree with also. There's just nothing I agree with with Liberals and Progressives. I have nothing against Traditional and Moderate Democrats. Thanks for commenting.
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