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Saturday, September 06, 2008

RNC, McCain Speech, Palin, Polls,
Obama Scrubs Web Site & Biden Fun Facts

John McCain's acceptance speech on Thursday night was watched by more people than those who watched the acceptance speech from The Affirmative Action Candidate. ThrFeed:

    John McCain has won the ratings race.

    The Republican nominee beat Democratic challenger Barack Obama's record-setting convention speech viewership by 500,000. [Wooooooooooooo-Hooooooooooooooooooooo! - Drake]

    McCain's address at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night was seen by about 38.9 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. Obama received 38.4 million.

    That means McCain's speech is now the most-watched in convention history -- 41% higher than President Bush's acceptance speech four years ago, and 1% higher than Obama's address last week.

Sarah "Barracuda" Palin, the lovely Republican Governor of Alaska and the Next Vice President of The United States is more popular than McCain, Biden and Obama. Rasmussen:

    A week ago, most Americans had never heard of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Now, following a Vice Presidential acceptance speech viewed live by more than 40 million people, Palin is viewed favorably by 58% of American voters. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 37% hold an unfavorable view of the self-described hockey mom.

    The figures include 40% with a Very Favorable opinion of Palin and 18% with a Very Unfavorable view (full demographic crosstabs are available for Premium Members). Before her acceptance speech, Palin was viewed favorably by 52%.


    The new data also shows significant increases in the number who say McCain made the right choice and the number who say Palin is ready to be President. Generally, John McCain’s choice of Palin earns slightly better reviews than Barack Obama’s choice of Joe Biden.

    Perhaps most stunning is the fact that Palin’s favorable ratings are now a point higher than either man at the top of the Presidential tickets this year. As of Friday morning, Obama and McCain are each viewed favorably by 57% of voters. Biden is viewed favorably by 48%.

A CBS Poll shows that McCain received a healthy convention bounce and has eliminated any lead that Obama had and that their race is a dead heat. US News:

    [Poll figures] show the beginning of the GOP's widely expected convention bounce. Surprisingly, a new CBS poll shows John McCain enjoying an even bigger convention bounce, having completely wiped out an 8-point lead Barack Obama had a week ago.

And Joe Biden...well...
not as smart or the intellectual that he pretends to be
. Realchange.org:

    At the University of Delaware, Biden was 506th out of 688 classmates, and a history professor said he was "trying to be the complete Joe College."


    Biden ended up 76th out of 85 in his law school class; the law school dean described him as an academic "disappointment"[.]

Biden - Mister "My IQ is higher than yours," - described as "an academic disappointment" by the law school dean! BWA HA HA HA HA! Oh, damn, that's rich! Sweet, chocolaty, nougaty, creamy, caramel, whipped cream on top rich!

The Affirmative Action Candidate finally - FINALLY - admits
that he was wrong about saying the Military surge in Iraq would fail. Bloomberg:

    Barack Obama said the surge of American forces in Iraq has ``succeeded beyond our wildest dreams,'' though Iraqis still haven't done enough to take responsibility for their country.

    ``The surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated,'' Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, said in a recorded interview broadcast tonight on Fox News's ``The O'Reilly Factor'' program.

"...that nobody anticipated"? It seems there is one presidential candidate who anticipated that the surge would work, his name is John McCain. There are others who anticipated that the surge would work: President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, General David Petraeus, Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and many, many others.

The "surge will fail" issue is so embarrassing for Obama that he has SCRUBBED HIS OFFICIAL WEB SITE from his "surge will fail" policy
. Boston.com:

    Barack Obama's aides have removed criticism of President Bush's increase of troops to Iraq from the campaign Web site, part of an effort to update the Democrat's written war plan to reflect changing conditions.

    Debate over the impact of President Bush's troop "surge" has been at the center of exchanges this week between Obama and Republican presidential rival John McCain. Obama opposed the war and the surge from the start, while McCain supported both the invasion and the troop increase.


    "I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence there," the Illinois senator said that night, a month before announcing his presidential bid. "In fact, I think it will do the reverse."

    Obama continued to argue throughout 2007 that the troop increase was a mistake.

And now...Obama's web site reflects none of his anti-surge rhetoric.

Obama really is Hope and Change...he Hopes that no one notices how often he Changes (scrubs) his official web site because of his numerous political miscalculations, which, of course, reflects his complete lack of experience and qualifications for the office he seeks.

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why are people so blind to see this country is hurting...obama is the best choice we have...im black but most my friends are white i never voted in my life 36years old..but I'll be damed to go thru another bush term..all you dam head bangers wake up(including me) dont let this old guy from star wars take us to the bush side...I feel sorry every time people come up to me begging for gas to put in there car...dammm

Why are Obama Cultists so afraid to put him under the microscope as they did and do with Bush, Cheney, McCain, Palin, Romney, Rudy? Why the double standards?

We know very little about Obama. He still hasn't released a verified birth certificate. He refuese to release his records from his time in the Illinois Senate. It was so hard for him to decide whether or not to vote for or against a bill, he voted "present" 130 some times. This is the indecisive person you want in the White House? I disagree.

We wouldn't have to beg for gas had Clinton signed off on drilling in ANWR 12-13 yrs ago, we would have had that oil today. Today, the energy crisis is 95% the fault of Liberals like Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Obama and Biden. Do you own research.

Then, take this test. I dare you:

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