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Friday, September 05, 2008

Republican Convention A
"Sea Of White People"?

I try - when I can - to not give any publicity to the Liberal Talking Heads, so I will not be identifying who said this and where I heard it. All you pretty much have to do is just listen to the Liberals and you will hear them say that the Republican Convention is nothing but a "sea of white people." Is this like the "sea of white people" at Invesco Field, where all black people were seated in the nosebleed sections while the main floor was awash in whiteys?

All I have seen in the audience at the Republican Convention is a wonderful cross-section of America. Of course, Liberals only see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. So I am not surprised that they've reached a consensus and a preconceived notion that those attending the Republican Convention is nothing but a "sea of white people."

That's not what I see. How about you?


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Who is an anti-semite? Not I. LOL! I call them as I see them. I hope I didn't offend you. Should you be Jewish, then my apologies for that one.

Baseball Is Life ruled! Until I had to keep it from the eyes of people because I offended so many people in my city. They had a big inquiry into it wherein I had to come to explain myself. No matter, it is freedom of speech. Just a lot of people frowned upon my rants. Now I keep my identity more so secretive. An idiot could figure it out, but no one will because I am not giving out the Dicast name to anyone and linking it to myself.
I'm mainly going to do trials on my blog, I'll have the occasional political piece, but not daily. You will see some political articles though as the election nears and, of course, if you want to post an article in my comments section, I'll be more than happy to publish it...as long as it be up to par though. LOL! As you have said, one man's blog is his castle, and that man is king. Well that's what you meant, capisce?
I just recall a few posts where you were rather unkind in discussing those of the Jewish faith and an exchange of comments between you and some other guy - of whom I believe was involved in baseball - that got rather ugly in terms of him taking offense at you calling him a "f---ing Jew."
Is there something wrong with being white? Is this what passes as racial tolerance among the supposed racially tolerant leftards? Is it OK to hate when you hate whitey? If gold medals were given for hypocrisy, leftards would have run Michael Phelps out of the stadium ages ago.
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's a good one. I hate that guy. He's a stupid lawyer. Yeah, he took offense at the meeting too when I brought that up. You have to admit, it was funny and entertaining, wasn't it?
Well, I have since somewhat apologized for those comments as much as I could apologize without sounding somewhat mawkish. I agree with you; the idea of secrecy is better because no one knows who you are and no one can cast dirty looks or sneer. There is no real proof of who I am, but I suppose it could be linked from these comments. How many people from my city will find these comments and link it should I not tell anyone.
I also hope you did not take offense to that one either. I pray that you not be Jewish because then I'll really feel chagrined.

I just don't get it. Like I wrote a few posts down, the Liberals always have to call attention to race. They are the first ones to say "I have a black friend," or "I was with my Hispanic friend." They feel by doing this they show their "colorblindness", but what they really show is that cannot simply accept their friends for being friends, they have to point out that they are "black" or "this" or "that". When one does that, they are not colorblind, they are "label-ists", and that is really who the Left is. They have this need to "label" others, even when they are "white" like they are.

I've said many times that racism would be virtually non existent, if the Left didn't continually make an issue of it.

Please direct your comments on any one issue within the same comment section of the same post and comment section of where you start. It's really hard to go back and forth between different posts trying to reply to you.

You know, there's likely a Google cache of your Baseball blog out there with your anti-Semitic rants all in place, IF someone wanted to bother to search for them. Just sayin'.....
Oh damn. Well I am going to hope it doesn't exist. I've tried finding that but haven't. Pray that it not exist. I'll stay within one or two, sorry.

Thank you.
I watched the convention last night and I did notice how many "different" types of people were there who were thrilled by those standing up and speaking ON THEIR BEHALF. I'm gonna have to show this picture on my blog (and link it of course).

I'm waiting for the comments on all the cow-boy hats and how that doesn't represent "America". Not sure why it wouldn't... but I'm sure there's a good reason. :P
Bug, yeah, to me the RNC was a cross section of America. The DNC, especially Invesco Field, was a sea of white people.
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