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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Randi Rhodes Smears Sarah Palin

Ratty Ratty Rhodes

Liberal Radio Talker and DNA Sponge Randi Ratty Rhodes
smeared Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin saying that Palin, "molests teenage boys." STOP The ACLU:

    ...here is Randi Rhodes not only calling Sarah Palin too opinionated, but she accuses her of sleeping with teenage boys!

Via Hot Air, Rhodes says Palin is:

    "the woman who shows up at the kid’s birthday party and starts opining about everything from politics to lawn care. This is the woman that knows it all. Will shout you down, will get revenge on you. That’s who she is."

You know, if this isn't a clear case of Ratty's own psychological projection I don't know what is.

"This is the woman that knows it all, will shout you down, will get revenge on you...", who is Ratty trying to fool? She just described herself.

Keep on smearing, keep up the hate-merchanting.

It sounds to me like Ratty is hitting the Ketel One real hard these days


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You da man with that photoshop of Ratty with the teeth missing, the black eye. I love it.
I try hard to be Da Man,EC. Thanks for your continued encouragement. Always.
Such a shame. I actually met her briefly years ago, before her demons got the best of her, and she really seemed like a decent, honest person (or, as we've been discussing over the last few days, she was doing a damned good impersonation of one).

I have heard that, when she was let go from AAR, she couldn't even be bothered to say goodbye to her staff on the show.

Every time everyday Americans begin to forget why they can't stand us, can't deal with the left, someone like Randi pops out of the woodwork to remind them.

I believe she, Schultz, Seder, Malloy, are absolutely on Barky's payroll.

It's gotten so bad in that little netherworld, you wouldn't believe it.
Hi Hash,

I think RR is a very angry and unhappy woman, for reasons that I don't know.

The Left has really gotten vicious. And I know that you know - by now - when I say The Left I'm not talking about Centrist Dems, but am referring to the Insane Liberal Clown Posse.

I wouldn't like Rhodes if she were a conservative radio talker. I think I'm pretty fair to all on how I hold and apply all to the same standards. (not saying you said I don't, you didn't.)

Good to hear from you, Hash.
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