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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Racist Dems Won't Vote For Obama

Proving what I've written about before, it's the Dems who are racists, comes word that one-third of Democrat voters will not vote for Barack Hussein Obama, Junior because he is black.

At least one-third of White Democrats are racists and won't vote for Barack Hussein Obama, Junior, the inexperienced and unqualified Community Organizer who is running for president.

The New York Daily News reports that in a poll, one-third of Dem voters will not vote for Obama because of his skin color:

    ...a groundbreaking new Associated Press-Yahoo News poll conducted with Stanford University which probes the effect of the Democratic presidential candidate's race on his historic campaign for the White House.


    Among the white Democrats who think blacks are lazy, or violent, or boastful, two-thirds said they will vote for Obama over Sen. John McCain, a white Republican.

    The poll of 2,227 adults was conducted Aug. 27-Sept. 5, and was designed to probe people's racial attitudes and how those attitudes affect voting.

"Among the white Democrats..." is the key phrase..."Among the white Democrats..." two thirds in the poll will vote for Obama. This means at least one-third of the white Dems are racists.

If I understand this poll correctly, and I think that I do, two-thirds of WHITE Democrats will vote for Obama which means one-third of the polled Democrats won't vote for him because he's half black.

The actual number who won't vote for Obama because he's half black is probably closer to half because what white, "tolerant" Democrat is going to admit to a pollster that they are a racist?

Oh, Those Good Olde Fashioned Democrat Racists. Every single last one of them. Well...at least damn near half of them.

It's the Dems who have a KKK'er in their party with West Virginia U.S. Senator Robert "KKK" Byrd.

It was Democrat Attorney General Robert Kennedy who, in 1963, ordered the illegal wire-tapping, spying and surveillance of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It was Worst.President.Ever Jimmy Carter who welcomed Robert Mugabe to the White House; Mugabe well known for slaughtering his fellow blacks in Zimbabwe.

Julia Gorin, writing in June, 2006, about Jimmy Carter campaigning in New York in 1975 telling jokes in a bar and every other word out of his mouth was "nigger" or "kike." (I had to use the cache version of Ms. Gorin's story because the original story wouldn't load. I wonder if the Carter Politically Correct Police are responsible for that? I mean, it wouldn't look good for the Party of Tolerance to have a former president on-record using racial and ethnic slurs, would it?)

It was Hillary Clinton who,
while campaigning for president in Selma, Alabama took it upon herself to do a vocal impersonation stereotype of Southern Blacks with her, "I come too faaaahr," speech.

It's Hillary Clinton who is documented by several eyewitnesses as having repeatedly used the "N-Word."

It was Albert Gore, Senior who voted against the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

And it is Bill Clinton's political mentor J. William Fulbright, who was a racist and former KKK member.

It's the Democrats who treat Black Americans as their wholly owned plantation.

    Q. Why won’t Obama laugh at himself?
    A. Because it would be racist.

    Q. Why won’t Obama release his birth certificate?
    A. He hasn’t decided where he was born yet.

    Q. Why won't Obama release his real birth certificate?
    A. The ink isn't dry yet.

    From Barack Obama jokes


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So when Obama touches himself, is that like black on black crime?

Oh sheeze. I can't take credit for that one. I heard it on the Chappelle Show. It wasn't about Obama, but WTF.
Yes, Molson, it is Black on Black crime. Or maybe half-black half-white on half-black and half-white crime?!
no it's a hate crime, the white half against the black half...

You are correct. We have the home version of "Obama Is A Racist" Board game for you and Bug!

And the "Obama Is a Racist" poopy matt for Ellie.

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