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Monday, September 08, 2008

Polar Bears Refute Algae Allegations

Polar bears at Japan's Higashiyama Zoo have their fur turning the color green from algae. Sky News:

    Zoo official Masami Kurobe said that the sight of green polar bears has sparked concern amongst visitors about whether the animals are sick or carrying mold.

    Mr Kurobe said high temperatures in July and August and less-frequent water changes because of the zoo's conservation efforts have caused an algae growth in the bear pond and safety moat.

    He added that the algae enters hollow spaces in the bears' fur and is hard to rinse off.

    The bears are expected to return to their natural colour when the algae growth subsides in November.

The polar bears, speaking on the condition of anonymity said they like the greenish color because it fits in with their personal lifestyle belief that for polar bears, "Every Day is Saint Patrick's Day."



What's the point of trying to conserve water?

Isn't it a closed system?
Well...I guess the zoo feels the need, as far as I can tell.
Those crazy smart Japanese. They have invented photosynthesizing bears. What an amazing technological advance in the war against global warming. Where's Big Carbon Al to lay claim to this utterly brilliant feat of modern technology.
LOL Molson!
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