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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Penn State Is The "Nittaly Lions"?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have another in the line of many verbal gaffes and rank misstatements from The Affirmative Action Candidate. He called Penn State the "Nittaly Lions." Who are the Nittaly Lions, are they the team that plays for our "58th state"? The Swamp:

    To most sports fans, they're the Nittany Lions.

    Obama, during a stop in Pennsylvania today, called them the "Nitally lions" as he called on someone during a question-and-answer session.

    "It's a gift that keeps on giving," said one GOP official.

    John Kerry gave Republicans a similar gift it 2004

    The Democratic Party's 2004 presidential nominee fumbled the name of the hallowed grounds on which the Green Bay Packers play, Curly Lambeau Field.

    Kerry called it Lambert field.

What an idiot. Is John Kerry wearing a mask and darkening his skin impersonating someone who never existed by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior? Or did Obama's years of smoking pot and crack cocaine rot all of his brain cells? Could be.

What a jackass. And his Cult Followers will give him another Free Pass on what has to be the 456,987,321 verbal gaffe of the campaign. What a bunch of fact-denying, truth-denying hypocrites.

Remember, Obama is the guy who said that, in World War II, the Japanese dropped a bomb on Pearl Harbor. Click on the link, hear him in his own words. What an ignoramus.


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