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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama's Big Corporate Donors
Includes Lehman Brothers

Let's disabuse ourselves that The Pied Piper From Illinois is receiving millions in campaign donations from "little folks" donating sums ranging from $5-$25 dollars a pop. It's not true.

Big Money is backing Obama. Big, Big, BIG MONEY, the kind of BIG MONEY that Republicans could only hope to receive.

The Prolific has done its homework in reporting the following institutions and the amount of money that they've donated to Obama:

    Donor: Goldman Sachs & Co.
    How Much: $627,730

    Donor: JP Morgan
    How Much: $398,021

    Donor: Citigroup
    How Much: $393,899

    Donor: UBS AG
    How Much: $378,400

    Donor: Google
    How Much: $373,212

    Donor: Lehman Brothers
    How Much: $353,922

    Donor: National Amusements
    How Much: $352,603

The question is, what will these institutions want from Obama if he is elected? That's where the article in The Prolific comes in so handy. Author Jay Morgan postulates what it is they will want from Obama in return for their campaign contributions. Click on the link and read the full story.

Not only does Obama have Big Corporate Interests backing him, he also has an organization of money "bundlers" that out rivals his competition, both Democrat and Republican.

Volkskrant, quoting from an August 21, 2008 New York Times story, notes the following information:

    But records show that one-third of [Obama's] record-breaking haul has come from donations of $1,000 or more – a total of $112 million, more than Sen. John McCain, Obama’s Republican rival, or Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, his opponent in the Democratic primaries, raised in contributions of that size.

    Behind those larger donations is a phalanx of more than 500 Obama “bundlers,” fundraisers who have each collected contributions totaling $50,000 or more. Many of the bundlers come from industries with critical interests in Washington. Nearly three dozen of the bundlers have raised more than $500,000 each, including more than a half-dozen who have passed the $1 million mark and one or two who have exceeded $2 million, according to interviews with fundraisers.

Hmmmmmmmmm, industries "with critical interests in Washington." I guess ole Barry McTeleprompter isn't the D.C. "outsider" or "maverick" that he says he is, is he? His Hope and Change is that he Hopes people don't notice how often he Changes who he is. This sums up Barry McTeleprompter.

Finally, the now-defunct Lehman Brothers
donated far more generously to Obama than they did to John McCain. al-Reuters:

    Both presidential candidates have gotten a lot of money from Lehman employees -- Democratic candidate Barack Obama to the tune of at least $370,000, and Republican John McCain, $117,000 -- according to the nonpartisan, nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics.

Obama is funded by a well-oiled political machine. He's got well-known and prominent America Hater George Soros György Schwartz backing him for cryin' out loud.

Obama is just another typical Liberal Politician, corrupt and corrupted by big corporate donors. Obama is the same old Liberal Pig with new lipstick. There's nothing new about his campaign, his ideas or his campaign financing.

Remember, Obama promised to accept public financing and then changed his mind. Why did he change his mind? Because he abandoned his principles, campaign promises and his election rhetoric for money.


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I am just curious what National Amusements does, oh yeah, I know, they own CBS, Viacom, MTV, Paramount, Dreamworks, and Midway Games. Wonder how much they have actually given Barry in free press and movies unfavorable to George Bush? And did you miss my post on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac donations this weekend? Barry is third only to Dodd and Kerry, both of whom have been receiving money for eighteen years, Barry has only received money for three years.

Barry is so indicted.
Is that who Natl Amu is? I was going to look them up. Thanks for saving me the task.

I DID read your post on Barry and Freddie/Fannie. This fiasco goes back to the Clinton Admin and Andrew Cuomo. (heh, cuomo rhymes with homo).

Dodd, Barry, Kerry and Biden - and Barney Frank - are all culpable here with the F&F crisis. All of them are now in hiding.
This is all the fault of the "failed" policies of the Bushies. 100%. Peloshit said so. DemocRATS had nothing to do with it according to Peloshit and that crazy bug eyed bitch should know... Nothing that is.

So what would Big Money want from Barry Owhatafraudbama, Peloshit, and Reidtard? I believe that would be a pardon. Fortunately for the DemocRATS, the Clintlers are experts here.
Molson, I thought I'd heard all I could ever hear from the Dems in blaming anyone but themselves when one of their programs goes bad. But the abject denial from Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Dodd, Biden on the subprime mortgages and Lehman Brothers really takes the cake. These fuckers are lying through their teeth. They are as guilty as can be and are pointing fingers at Republicans!?!

Good. Let them keep it up. Maybe both houses will be returned to a Republican majority and the White House will go to McCain.
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