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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama Says His Is The Muslim Faith

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior, the Democrat Senator from Illinois and Presidential Candidate spoke the words, "my Muslim Faith" as naturally and as smoothly and as if he's been saying it all his life.

George Stephanopoulos dutifully rushes in to help The Obamalith out and recover.

The Chicago Sun Times:

    A verbal slip by Barack Obama, in which he made a reference to "my Muslim faith," unleashed a barrage of Internet attacks Sunday.


    "You're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith," Obama said, before being corrected by Stephanopoulos.

Here's the video:


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I added this story to my side bar... there are so many videos and things he's said HIMSELF now that I just can't keep up but want to keep a record.

Isn't this deliciously fantasic?
Well I guess this shows that it is hard to lie 100% of the time, but 99.9% is a pretty good record. Too bad it's that 0.1% that bites you in the ass. What a shame all that work from the DNC lie-fest has been flushed right down the crapper. Is it too late to blame Bush?
Fascinating that George Stephanopoulos had to cut in and remind Barack of his true religion.

It just keeps getting better and better.

It's so easy too. Just sit back and watch the free entertainment pour in.
I've found many people who say it was just a slip-up... an "ooops". I would agree... it was an ooops... he meant to say Christian Faith.

But the fact is, Muslim Faith came out so easily and so naturally that it has to be presumed truthful.

We are what we speak.

I do realize this issue may be on his mind quite a lot and he's just ready to defend himself and... ooooops... there it goes again. But how many times do we let these slip-ups go and not either accuse him of lying or accuse him of being an idiot???
I told you he was Muslim. I just knew it. Now he wants to be able to order planes to shoot missiles at buildings instead of hijacking and flying into them.

It's a good one of The One, isn't it? At his best, for sure.

Maybe Bush and Cheney aimed that mind control ray on The Obamalith and made him tell the truth about his religion?

No way would George have stepped in like that for a Republican. Ya think?
Sick and tired of listening to Obama's bunch of lies.

I'd rather read your resumes than have to go through this pain in the ass once again. This is getting really really aggravating.
I'm with you, Tym.

Unfortunately we have at least 3 more years of him here in the U.S. And the world.

God help us all, and I'm agnostic (didn't used to be, but eventually "got there." And that discussion is for another day).
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