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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama, I've Got A Bracelet Too!

If they haven't already, the McCain Campaign should start running the video snippet of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's John Kerry-esque moment of "I voted for it before I voted against it." Obama's moment is when he said, "I've got a bracelet too."

John McCain mentioned how he wears a bracelet in memory of fallen U.S. Soldier Matthew Stanley and how Stanley's mother asked McCain not only to wear the bracelet in memory of her son, but to also ensure that the effort and work of U.S. Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan is not reduced or tempered in favor of political certitude and returning home in defeat.

The moment McCain completed his statement Obama - like a child, jealous of his sibling, shouting to his parents, "look at me, I can do a somersault too" - piped up, "I've got a bracelet too." Obama then stumbled, fumbled, stammered and stuttered for several seconds - unable to articulate the name of the Soldier on his bracelet. He didn't even know whose name was on his bracelet until he read the name from it. Shameful, simply shameful, using a Military Bracelet for his own political expediency. McCain, on the other hand, knew exactly whose name is on his bracelet.

Here's the video from the debate:

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The word for Obama's bracelet chiming in is 'despicable.'
That word describes Obama both in general terms and in specific termsn, EC. You are spot on.
What would I have said in response if I had been Obama. Hmmm... well, it seemed that Obama was trying to say that there are parents out there who have said the opposite of what they are telling McCain. McCain had a woman say "don't let my son die invane... let us win" while Obama had a woman say "don't let another mother go through this pain".

So... why not say something like "it seems that John and I have had similar encounters with parents. One in particular that I had was with a woman who wanted me to promise that no other mother would go through the pain she felt at the loss of her son and she too gave me a bracelet in memory of her son; something I too will cherish".

Something like that? Granted I was able to write it down but it still only took me maybe 30 seconds... and you can bet he's been saving it up for this debate so he had time to think about his words. It may not be the best response but it doesn't say "Whaaaa... I'm important too and people talk to me too and... and...". The man is older than me but somewhere along the line he took a shortcut to adulthood. Or... at least that's the way he acts.

You are most correct in how Obama could have replied. But he considers himself too much of an intellectual and he he's to arrogant to phrase it as eloquently as you did. That's because you're a thinking, rational human being. And Obama only sees how something like the bracelet issue AFFECTS HIM.

You're an adult, you recognize the difference. McCain is an adult, he recognizes it. But Obama is still a man-child, with the maturity of a toddler permanently living in the stage of the "terrible-two's". That's his mental make-up, it's all about him.
Oh, and Bug, Obama will never change from his "terrible-two" mental stage. Never.
Um, I didn't read a fraction as much into it as you all did....but my initial reaction was to laugh. It did seem a bit childish from Professor type candidate.
Mixed Thoughts,

I dunno, it seems to me Obama was anxious to interject his bracelet into the conversation. I'd ideally like to think I'd recognize and call out any Republican making the same degree of pandering as well. I think I'd be more than fair in doing this.
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