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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama Is Trying To Buy The White House

Any Republican presidential candidate who had the money machine behind them that Bararck Hussein Obama, Junior has, would be labeled by The Left as a candidate who is trying to buy the White House.

In August Obama raised somewhere around $66 million dollars from supposedly "small dollar donors." Let's do some math.

If his $66 million came from people donating $25, that means 2,640,000 people ponied up $25 bucks. In other months Obama raised similar amounts, give or take few million. Who are these small donors? Where are they? The Left is telling us that no one has any money, that we're all broke and barely living paycheck to paycheck. But somehow millions of Obama donors are managing to month after month donate $25, $50 or $100 to Obama?

There needs to be a thorough investigation into Obama's fundraising. I don't believe for a second that his campaign treasure chest is comprised of millions of small amount donors.

We know Obama has a huge base of wealthy donors. I wrote about it on September 16 . Obama
has over 500 money bundlers, some of which the New York Times (see previous link) described as such:

    ...three dozen of the bundlers have raised more than $500,000 each, including more than a half-dozen who have passed the $1 million mark and one or two who have exceeded $2 million.

No Republican - and very few Dems - could get away with the type and scale of fundraising for which Obama escapes scrutiny and receives a Free Pass.

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior is a fraud, a phony, a fake, a charlatan - and he's trying to buy the White House. It's just that simple.


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