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Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Presidential, Obama Not

Republican Presidential Candidate and Arizona Senator John McCain is temporarily suspending his campaign and plans to return to Washington D.C. because of the recent financial downturn and what is being called the Wall Street crisis. McCain has asked that the Friday night presidential debate be postponed.

Chimpy McObama Poodle, however, is selfishly staying on the campaign trail and plans on showing up for the scheduled Friday night presidential debate. See...it's all about Obama for Obama. He doesn't care about what's going on, has no desire to participate in the bailout discussions or contribute to fixing the problem. This seems odd for a man who arrogantly thinks he has the answer to everything and considers himself such a great negotiator and statesman. What a fraud he is.

I think Chimpy should show up at the Friday debate all alone. He can stutter, stammer, hmmmm, haaaaa and uh-uh-uh-uh all on his own and prove to America that he is, indeed, the unqualified, inexperienced charlatan that rational and thinking people know he is.

Remember folks, it was Obama, in 2004 talking about himself, who said he wouldn't run in 2008 presidential election because he lacks the experience. But that's just a little flip-flop that his Cult Followers dismiss, just as they dismiss all of his other lies and flip-flops.

You go, Chimpy, you go!

No, It's FUNNY !

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Yes. The Fraudulent One should show up to the debate by his wittle self. Maybe then he won't have to use his Little Tykes teleprompter and McCain won't have to hand his ass to him. Plus what good would Fraudy be when real legislation is required? He is a clueless skid mark.
Dude, Ole Miss would like that just fine if Barry showed up by himself. Ole Miss is our state university that churns out Democrat trial attorneys, Oxford is where Dickie Scruggs' office was, and is the center of the leftist propaganda front in Mississippi. It is certainly NOT a place that McCain needs to be, he should just write it off.

Seriously, Ole Miss is the "Harvard of the South" in many more ways than one.
Well, the left is of course going to say that McCain is trying to get out of the debate and not that Obama is avoiding the real issues.

Course, Obama would probably claim that he will fix it once he's president... sigh...
Obama really sounds serious about getting together to solve this current problem facing ALL Americans.


You're absolutely correct, btw.

Maybe then he won't have to use his Little Tykes teleprompter

Oh damn, dude, dude, I don't know where you come up with such great and creative stuff.

You have GOT to start a political blog.

Little Tykes teleprompter... oh shit, that will keep me laughing well through this weekend. Fantastic. You are so creative! LMAO!
Two Dogs,

Ole Miss is the "Harvard of the South" in many more ways than one.

Wow, really? I had no idea it was that intense. Tell me more. They gotta be in the tank big time for Chimpy then, huh?

Yeah, Obama is doing the same thing Kerry did in '04. "He has a plan" but in order for him to tell us what that plan is he has to be elected first.

What a shaman.

McCain - and I'm still not motivated to bother to vote this election - is showing he IS presidential by his actions. I can at least see that, even though I'm nowhere near convinced that I should bother voting this year.

Obama....NOT SO MUCH. Wait, NOT AT ALL.

It's all about Obama for Obama.
Thanks Braden. I just returned from your blog and you too have been really cranking out some good stuff. The Gore piece was especially interesting. He is such a hypocrite with his carbon footprinting and now his calling for civil disobedience. Christ he still bitter from 2000. Thank God or who/whatever creator or "matter" that anyone believes in that he never won the White House.
You have heard of Dickie Scruggs, the lead attorney of the Hurricane Katrina Group? He got arrested for attempting to bribe a judge to award him more fee money in the Katrina lawsuits, and when he was busted for the attempted bribery, all the State Farm hurricane lawsuits were dropped, plus his partner, his son, and he are going to do federal pen time. Ole Miss had to remove his name from one of their buildings earlier this year. Dickie also flew his plane to Little Rock to pick up Houston Nutt to bribe him to come coach at Ole Miss. Obviously it worked.

And fun stuff, Joe Biden was scheduled to meet with Dickie just two days after Dickie was busted. Hunter Biden and Dickie Scruggs are bestest suck-buds forever.

Not only that, but Robert Khayat, the chancellor at Ole Miss wrote a letter to the judge that was sentencing Dickie asking, nay! begging! for leniency. Ole Miss is not only the "Harvard of the South," but is also the PETA of the South, the Sierra Club of the South, the Planned Parenthood of the South, and the ACLU of the South. Well, you get the gist, I was suprised that the entire student body didn't go to Berkeley to sit in the trees.

And finally, my daily paper, The Clarion Ledger, whenever they want a political quote, they get someone from Ole Miss or either Robert McElvaine at Millsaps, our other law school. Dude, just Google McElvaine. He is a moonbat.

And you know that you hear all the time that Mississippi is a staunchly conservative state? Our state house is Democrat on both sides, our local governments are nearly all Democrat except for 5 counties of the 82, every appointed government official is Democrat, and three of our four Reps are Democrats. Both of our Senators are Republicans.

Here's another thing. In our presidential primaries, more people voted for Barry than have ever voted for a general election candidate. Fraud? Fuck! Ya' think? Remember, only 5 of 82 voter registrars are Republican.
as i've been out searching for info, your blog has come up THREE TIMES! so i've added you to my sidebar if you don't mind. and too bad if you do!

i'm also sending you an invite to be a visitor at my blog - had to close it for a time...trolls...

thankx for all the research you do.
Two Dogs,

Thanks for the history lesson on Miss. I have heard of Scruggs - he's one of the pioneers of suing the tobacco companies if memory serves me. (Too lazy too look it up right now).

And it does certainly sound like election fraud in your state considering the turnout for The Messiah. Crazy. Just Crazy.
Thanks nanc. Something is preventing me from accessing your blog. Why not make it public? Turn on your comment moderation and f--k the trolls. Just a suggestion.
Good memory on the Dickster, DD, he was the main player in that Jeffrey Wigand, "The Insider" movie. Dickie did however make his first grazillion dollars by suing the asbestos folks, then the breast implant folks, then finally tobacco, then he went after fast food and when that didn't pan out, he jumped on the Katrina thing.

He's a class act, all the way around. And like I said, that is the kind of folks that Biden hangs out with.
Two Dogs,

Thanks for confirming what I thought was accurate about Dickie and Big Tobacco. That his first move to personally enrich himself was asbestos is something I was not aware of. I am always learning from the fine folks on my blogroll.

Now, here's something I know you know. I hear Barney Frank likes Dicky. Oh, my bad - my so so bad.;-0
And you know that Barney is 100% BEHIND Barry Obama.
Two Dogs, yep, and I think Barney would equally enjoy standing in front of Barry too, especially when he drops the bar of soap in the shower.

My bad today. Very very bad.
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