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Sunday, September 14, 2008

KoS Spikes I Hate 9/11 Post

The Insane Liberal Clown Posse over at DailyKooks spiked another post. This is really becoming routine.

Earlier this year they spiked a post that Photoshopped the image of Michelle "Pickles" Obama into a bound slave, waiting to be "branded" by a white-hooded KKK member. Hit the link, I saved their image and re-Photoshopped it as to how it should accurately have been done.

In October, 2007, KoS spiked a completely phony story that Liberal Radio Talker and DNA Sponge Randi Rhodes was attacked by a group of Rightwing Thugs. The truth, however, is that Ratty Rhode was too sh-tfaced drunk to stand on her own after downing 14 Ketel One Bloody Marys and she did faceplant to the pavement.

Now it seems that KoS spiked its September 12 post, "I Hate 9/11." I wasn't able to find a cache version of it either.

I'm only aware of the previously-spiked KoS post because because T.C. linked to it.

One of the items in the now-spiked post was the below image appearing within the comments section which has also been spiked, scrubbed, removed...whatever you want to call it.

Happy Twin Towers Day image posted by a commenter
at the now-spiked KoS post, "I Hate 9/11"

Nice image, huh? Funny? Oh, how can it not be! The Twin Towers and the air planes have little smile faces! See...get it...get the humor from The Left. It's okay to hate 9/11. I thought The Left was the party of tolerance, that they eschewed "hate". I must have been wrong. "It's okay to hate 9/11, " is the mindset of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse and the Blame America First Crowd.

The telltale sign that identifies the Blame America First crowd is those who, on September 11, 2001, saw the attacks on our country and said to themselves, "what did WE do?", to deserve this.

We didn't do anything. There are radical Islamists who want to kill us, and our allies, because they are insane. Oh, these radicals might use the excuse that the U.S. has a Military presence on what they consider holy Islamic land. Well, land - the earth - doesn't hold any religious beliefs; people hold religious beliefs, soil doesn't.

I like when KoS spikes posts. Doing so is solid evidence that Zuniga and his little, R-Tard Cult are a bunch of spineless weasels. They show us who they are and how "their side" really feels - a bunch of America-hating Little Eichmanns - and then they spike the post. No guts, none. No cajones. Then again, no one ever accused anyone on The Left of having guts or cajones.


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I made a post over at Radarsite on this very issue... disgusting!! It is appaling!

Do they think that posting such a childish and "non-threatening" cartoon makes it okay?

Do they think we're drinking beer and having parties over this event?

Do they think it's okay for them to ignore what truly happened on that day?

These assholes are not Americans and they deserve nothing but contempt and dishonor. They should vacate the premises before they're kicked out on their asses!

Just my opinion, right?
Bug, it is behavior like that of the post that defines who these Lefties are. We shouldn't be surprised by their behavior and we should actually be happy about it, since I think it helps Conservatism. But I hear ya.
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