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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Drugs Are Bad Obama!

My most recent short video:

Also playing and appearing HERE



Obama's bad. Mkay? If yo vote for Obama, you're a bad person, Mkay? Obama will drive the country straight to hell at 1,000 mph, Mkay? So don't vote for Obama,Mkay? He's bad. Just bad.

I don't do a good enough impression of Mackay to do your script justice. I may have to start working on it! Good stuff!
Hi David,

Long time no hear, that's a great video you got there. Very funny and entertaining, way to go buddy.

What did you think of the last Sarah Palin interview on CBS when she talked about international relantionships with Canada and USSR since Alaska was in between both?


Hi Tym,

Thank you for you kind words on the vid. I appreciate it.

I did not see the interview of Palin by Couric, only read about it. I think any minor missteps by Palin are blown out of proportion by the media. Joe Biden has really been talking out of his ass the last few weeks and gets a Free Pass from the same type of verbal scrutiny that Palin receives. The difference is Biden is a Dem.

What do you think about it, Tym?
Jeez, I don't want to sound too pessimistic but the snippets I have heard were not too glorious for the poor Sarah Palin, I think we're going to see a bit less of her and more of John McCain.

Maybe Sarah Palin isn’t such a good choice after all…if she thinks that the fact that Alaska sits in between Canada and USSR as foreign countries is international affairs, the USAs are in deep shit with her if John McCain was to be elected and dies of a heartstroke.

Anyhow, I still keep an eye on the electoral campaign in the states but I am fighting over here my own commie demons in my country since we are in an election here too. I am not sure if you were aware of it but the conservative party are on the verge of forming a majority over here. How about that?

Well, keep us updated because as always, a picture is always worth a million words.
Hi Tym,

Sorry I didn't respond yesterday but I was pressed for time.

I don't disagree that some of Palin's answer's to some questions aren't all that good. But it appears to me that the MSM deliberately tries to set her up with "gotcha" questions designed so that - no matter what her answer is - she is being set up to fail.

I think Palin is an intelligent person who sometimes doesn't "do well" in interviews. On the other hand we have Joe Biden who may do well in interviews but on the stump says things that are completely false and at odds with the facts, and the MSM NEVER calls him on it or makes a big deal over it.

Thanks for visiting and commenting, as always.
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