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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Democrat Parenting And Setting Examples

The Liberals just can't help from shooting themselves in the foot on the issue of parenting. Parents are the ones who set examples for their children, they tell us. They tell us when something goes bad with one of the children - as this is the smear tactic they're using with Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah and Todd Palin, who at age 17 is pregnant - then it's the fault of the parents for not doing a better job in instilling values into their children.

Well, the Liberals opened up this door so let us go down this road.

The first family that jumped into my mind is of course The Kennedy Family, revered and held-holy by Liberals and Progressives.

I guess old Joe and Rose didn't do a very good job raising their children and instilling values in their offspring, all we have to do is look the behavior of their children.

John F., Robert F. and Ted Kennedy all cheated on their wives. Every single one of them a serial adulterer.

Then there is Big Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy who simply left Mary Jo Kopechne to die by drowning in what experts say was in all likelihood a slow, torturous four hour death, as water slowly flowed into Ted's upturned car. Ted, of course, escaped the car and managed to return to his hotel room that night, not bothering to report anything about the accident to the authorities until the following morning.

Robert and Ethel Kennedy's son David died from an overdose of Demerol and cocaine. Huh, guess ole Bob and Ethel failed miserably in explaining the dangers of drugs to him.

Patrick Kennedy, son of Ted and Joan, has been in and out of drug treatment rehab more times than anyone can count. Huh, guess ole Fat Ted Tumor Head and first wife Joan failed miserably in explaining the dangers of drugs to him, too.

Michael Kennedy, son of Robert F. and Ethel Kennedy, had a sexual affair with the family babysitter beginning in 1994, which at the time, made him age 36 and the babysitter...(ahem) 14-years old. 14-years old! Whoa, nothing like being a 36-year old baby-raper, is there? It's all okay though, as long as your last name is Kennedy.

Joseph P. Kennedy II, son of Robert F. and Ethel Kennedy, was the driver of a jeep in 1973. The jeep overturned leaving a girl passenger permanently paralyzed. Gee, a Kennedy behind the wheel...do you suppose he was either drunk or high on drugs and that's what caused the jeep to overturn?

William Kennedy Smith, (the nephew of John F., Robert F. and Ted Kenendy) son of Stephen Edward Smith and Jean Kennedy Smith is accused of sexual assault and rape. Yes, he was found not guilty by a jury, but isn't it the Democrats who tell us that it is the allegation that counts, not the final verdict? Besides, read up on WKS and learn about the payoffs of huge sums of hush money to other women who claimed he sexually harassed and assaulted them.

And then we have Al "Druggy" Gore, III - the pot-head smoking son of global warming Alarmist Albert Gore, Junior and wife Tipper. "Druggy" Gore was arrested for erratic driving, but more importantly, he was found to be in possession of more prescription drugs than your local pharmacy, none of which were actual legal prescriptions for him. Huh, I guess Albert, Sr. and Tipper failed as parents at setting a good example for their son.

Then we have Bill Clinton, who can't keep his pants on and humps anything with a pulse. I guess his parents failed to instill good, moral values in him.

And then there's John Edwards, who cheats on his wife who is dying of cancer. I guess his parents, Wallace and Catherine Edwards, failed miserably in teaching their son that the American public frowns upon those who cheat on their cancer-stricken wife.

So if the Dems now want to act like they are the party of morals and values, and that the behavior of children starts and ends with the parents, then it is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. If you want to hold parents responsible for the actions of their children, look no further than the Kennedys as shining examples of parental failure.

I'm sure there's more examples of Democrats who failed miserably in how they raised their children. Those listed above are the ones who immediately came to my mind. Feel free to add a comment letting me know what other Dems should be judged on the abysmal failure of their parents to teach them how to properly behave in a civilized society.


The Kennedy Curse
John Edwards
Michael Kennedy

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All Kennedys would be buried in the political graveyard a long time ago had they been Republicans. Their illegal and immoral activities would have ended all their political goals.
Oh hell, damn right. If the Kennedy's were Republicans they would be outcasts. Pariah's. As you say, buried in the political grave yard and never heard from or referred to again. Ever. Absolutely!

Thanks for visiting and commenting EC.
Didn't Modales son just get a DUI?
Yes Arc, THANK YOU bringing that up. I did a post on it when it happened...I want to say two years ago or so. Yep, Walter and Joan Mondale failed as parents. Another Dem failure of parenting.

You have a very good memory Arc! Thanks again!
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