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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Biden Lied About First Wife's Death

What is it about Democrats and car deaths?

Above: Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile Delmont 88, being pulled out of Poucha Pond,
where he left Mary Jo Kopechne to die.

Joe Biden lied about the death of his first wife, Neilia, who was killed in a car crash along with their baby daughter in December, 1972.

Here's what Biden said in 2007 while campaigning as a presidential candidate in Iowa:

    “I got elected when I was 29, and I got elected November the 7th. And on December 18 of that year, my wife and three kids were Christmas shopping for a Christmas tree. A tractor-trailer, a guy who allegedly – and I never pursued it – drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch broadsided my family and killed my wife instantly, and killed my daughter instantly[.]"


    "What I heard from folks at the time is he’d been drinking,” Biden said, sounding agitated.


    The tractor-trailer was heading toward Pennsylvania on Limestone Road when it broadsided the station wagon, sending it spinning for 150 feet, breaking the windshield and crushing in a rear door, while the truck itself skidded for 20 feet and landed on its side, according to The News Journal, which was printed in two editions in those days as The Morning News and the Evening Journal.

If Biden is so smart and educated as he claims he is - besides being a lawyer - he should know that what he "heard from folks" is hearsay. No court, judge or jury would accept or be influenced by third-hand reports; it likely would never be admissible as evidence.

Biden lied about the truck driver being drunk. An investigation of the accident cleared the truck driver of all charges, he hadn't been drinking and there was no mechanical failures of the truck.

    [The chief deputy attorney general, Jerome Herlihy] said there was no evidence that [truck driver Curtis C. Dunn] was speeding, drinking or driving a truck with faulty brakes. In addition, Herlihy said, witnesses to the crash near Hockessin provided no basis for a prosecution.”

    Here's what Herlihy said in subsequent interview:

    Neilia Biden either accelerated or drifted through the intersection, and Dunn could not stop. The truck driver said she was not looking at him, her face turned away, and the state police thought she was distracted by one of the children in the back seat.


    Philip A. Lafferty, the truck owner [that Curtis] drove for, still lives in Avondale, Pa. In a telephone interview, Lafferty recalled the state police impounding the tractor-trailer and the station wagon for the investigation for a couple of days and concluding that Dunn was not at fault.

    “Nothing came of it. They had people, witnesses,” Lafferty said. “He was a good truck driver, very caring. It shook him up. It was an awful thing for all of us.”

Maybe it was Neilia Biden who was driving while intoxicated? Could be. We don't know if any tests were run on her in order to find out if she was driving the car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Maybe she was drunk. Maybe she was high on illegal drugs. We don't know.

What we do know is that Joe Biden exploited his personal tragedy for his own political gain. And that's just sick.

He still is exploiting her death - (should I use the word "milking" her death as Jimmy Carter used the term referring to John McCain's POW status?) - in a TIME story titled, Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen.

But it's typical of Liberals to exploit and milk a tragedy when it happen to them. They think they are the only ones who experience a tragedy. Well, I have news for Elitists like Biden, they are not the only ones who experience hardships or tragedy, but when they do, they exploit it and sensationalize to no end.

The investigation concluded that the the brakes on the truck were in working order and did not malfunction and that the driver was not intoxicated; he was a safe and respected driver.

This past January Biden's current wife, Jill, was involved in a car accident. In what is an eerie coincidence (or maybe it's not a coincidence, perhaps a conspiracy?), her crash also involved a truck-tractor-trailer, much like Neila's death. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Maybe car accidents are the way Biden decides to kill his wives when he's tired of them? Could be. We don't know. Perhaps, like Arkancide, we need a name for this. I suggest Bidencide.


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well, the hypertext link of "Here's what Biden said in 2007 while campaigning as a presidential candidate in Iowa" is the first place to start. It quote the NYT and (quote) "The News Journal, which was printed in two editions in those days as The Morning News and the Evening Journal".

US News and World Report has a "what you didn't know about Biden" bio:


The Sacbee has a decent piece on him from 2007:


I'm sure the "never to be relied on without verification" Wikipedia contains Bidens background and surely must mention his wife's car crash (haven't looked, I try to stay away from Wiki except to use it in a very general way to convey the basic info). And Anwers.com (haven't ck'd it) most likely has their bio on him that must mention the crash.

Start with the first link in the story and go from there. Google search her name, there's a lot of info out there.
Thank you for the links, I had just seen a interview with Biden for the first time heard him reveal how his first wife and daughter died in the crash, and yes it was said that it was because of a drunk driver by the reporter assuming it came from the Senator. I had googled Mrs Biden { #1 } and never could find any information. Now that he has been picked for Vice Pres I guess all the garbage is going to surface.
I felt the same way about how he used the " pity me " speech he gave using the awful crash for his gain! It was definitely over used.
Found it interesting that in all the time he has been in office he has never been an advocate for safe driving?
I agree wikipedia is a joke. Anyone can go in there and type whatever they would like. I could make myself president :)I could do a better job then what choices we have right now!
You're welcome.

Usually I don't publish Anonymous comments, even when they agree with me, it's just the policy I have. Here and there I do make exceptions.

Like I wrote in the column, the only time Liberals (not necessarily Democrats) make an issue out of tragedies is when it affects them.

Thanks for visiting & commenting.
You are a pathetic idiot in search of something to give his life meaning. What you fail to understand is that real journalists research things that have real impact on either the efficacy or character of an individual.

Writing a piece that argues with a widowers recollection of the obviously tragic death of his wife and young child is beyond contempt.

This is only made worse by the fact that you put forward no reason as to why even if what you said was true, it would matter. Bidens wife and child are dead. Biden had nothing to do with it. How he chooses to rationalize such a horrible tragedy is of no consequence to anyone.

And don't pretend you are doing this in the name of the truck driver - not when your page is headlined by a gratuitous photograph of a completely unrelated automobile accident with a caption that ends "where he left Mary Jo Kopechne to die."

Your obvious purpose is to defame Biden for no apparent reason.

Fortunately, my note is about all the attention your sorry machinations will produce. I hope it makes you feel good. From here it doesn't look like you have many other avenues for earning attention.
Anonymous #2:

I usually refrain from publishing anonymous comments, but yours brought me fits of laughter and joy. So pleased I am that I could elicit such a response. No surprise, really. Why, I bet you're an avid Obama/Biden supporter!

Did you click on the hypertext links and read the references? Good for you if you did. Shame on you if you didn't.

Are you intentionally missing the point that the investigation into the 1972 car accident concluded that the driver of the truck was found not to been driving while intoxicated?

Are you intentionally missing the point that in December 2007, while on the campaign trail, Biden laid the blame for the accident on "a drunken driver."

He lied, HE LIED!

What you fail to understand is that real journalists research things that have real impact on either the efficacy or character of an individual.

Real journalists reported the fact that the truck driver WAS NOT DRUNK. This was in 1972!

In December 2007 Biden LIED about it. His "rationalization" of it doesn't allow him to LIE without the matter going unchallenged.

Did you miss the sentence "What is it about Democrats and car deaths?" above the Kennedy car image at the start of the post?

Tell me, genius, what IS IT about Democrats and car deaths?

"to defame Biden"?? No- to point out that HE IS A LIAR!

I can only guess your objectivity ends the moment you are forced to consider that your avowed Liberal Leaders are LIARS, and Obama is in the thick with the best of the Liberal Liars.

Congratulations in having what every Liberal has in spades: a deep, entrenched lifestyle of denial and an amazing, unending degree of double standards.
A few years ago, I was in a car accident, fortunately without serious injury. The other driver was driving extremely fast, way over the speed limit and way beyond what was safe for the conditions. However, the investigation found no proof of her high rate of speed, and she was not charged. That does not mean that I am lying when I say she was driving fast; I know what I saw and experienced.
So this grieving widower is convinced that the other driver was drunk. Even if there was no proof, that doesn't mean it wasn't necessarily true, it just means that they didn't have enough proof to charge him. Maybe he wasn't, maybe he was, but Biden isn't lying when he says he believes that the other driver was drunk, he is simply reporting what he believed to be the cause.
To Anonymous at 7:28am Oct. 2, 2008:

the investigation found no proof of her high rate of speed,

So, what you believe, saw and experienced is more factual than the results of the investigation that proved she was not speeding? That doesn't make sense at all. None.

Even if there was no proof, that doesn't mean it wasn't necessarily true, it just means that they didn't have enough proof to charge him.

No...it means the driver of the truck was not intoxicated or drunk. The investigation proved this.

but Biden isn't lying

Yes, it does mean that Biden was lying in Dec. 2007, because for 35 years Biden knew the truth, which is the driver wasn't drunk. Yet Biden, 35 years after the facts, lies to people in Iowa.

It's a clear case of Biden lying and pandering to the sympathy vote for his dead wife, who was killed in a car crash due to her own inattention behind the wheel. Maybe she was the one who was shitface drunk. Yeah, that's what I "believe."
You are a sick republican, and this what you are right? He isn't milking anything, that was a tragedy and it obviously still pains him and you have no right to insinuate anything has horrible as that. The only person milking anything is McCain and his POW story - sure that is compelling but doesn't give you the right to be president, especially when you are as reckless in decision making as he is. McCain stands before a sign that reads "Country First," was he thinking of us when he picked the ill prepared and unqualifed Palin as VP. It is a spine chilling thought that they could end up in the white house and would be a sad day in America. Joe Biden is more of a man than you or the self proclaimed but obviously not Maverick John McCain. I suggest you get a life - and by the way elitist? Joe Biden is the poorest Senator, so get your fact straight - the only elitist around here is John McCain with his seven house and 13 cars.
You are such a dick. I know from experience that the way we experience tragedy differs in many ways, and in many cases people simply can't bear to continually return to an incident and continue reviewing the facts. You make your peace on whatever terms you can muster and move on. Have a heart. Dick.
David Drake is piece of shit low life for smearing Sen. Biden, a man who has suffered one of the greatest personal tragedies a person can experience.

Fuck you David Drake, your a scumbag that deserves to rot in a ditch while maggots feed on you like a rotten piece of dollar menu hamburger meat.
I was in a car accident. A sanitation worker walked right in front of my car and I was not able to stop in time. i was driving only 20 mph as I was comming to a stop light. I hit the pedestrian and he flew on to my car and over it and to the ground. Now the police when they took me into station to question me said first thing that they have problems with the sanitation workers and drinking and that they would try to make sure that he was tested when he got the the hospital. They never tested him, so they never found him to be "walking in front of a car while intoxicated"....doesn't mean he wasn't. I certainly repeat to others what the police officer said to me.....does that make me a liar?

Sorry but your entire comment is wrong and all lacking facts.

McCain isn't milking his POW status. To say that is disrespectful.

Joe Biden is a very wealthy man with a large mansion. Scroll up a few posts and read about it. Or just Google search Biden Mansion. The NY Times reported on it, so it must be true since that has to be from where you get your daily talking points, right?

You dislike that I held Biden to the same standards Liberals hold others, except themselves. Tough.
Anonymous you are such a dick.

Biden lied about the circumstances surrounding his wife's death as recently as December 2007. If he can't tell the truth on that, how can anyone trust him on anything else?
Anonymous David Drake is piece of shit low life for smearing Sen. Biden

Blah, blah, blah - oh, it's smearing when the same standard is applied to Liberals, is it?

Your comment makes me laugh the most because you're such a knuckle-dragging Obama jackboot licker!
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