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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Barack Begs Bubba's Backing

Barry Begs Bubba for support. Oh, heh, this is teh funny.

Barry needs Bubba's Coattails. Very much teh funny.

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior made the pilgrimage to Harlem the other day and had lunch with ex-president Bill Clinton.

Bubba said he stands by to do whatever is asked of him. AFP:

    "I've agreed to do a substantial number of things. Whatever I'm asked to do," Clinton told reporters.


    Asked about the state of the race between Obama and Republican contender John McCain, the ex-president said: "I predict that Senator Obama will win and win handily."

    Obama said: "There you go. You can take it from the president of the United States. He knows a little something about politics."

"He knows a little someting about politics." A-ha, ha, ha, ha...The Obamalith made a joke! Does that heal over everything Bill? How about you, Hillary?

Bubba will pretend that he really, really, really wants Obama to win. What he'll really do is whatever it takes to assist a McCain-Palin win. Then Hillary can run again in 2012. Remember, that's their deal. He got the White House first, then she does. And she's willing to wait four more years. She can run against McCain in 2012. She can't run against Obama.

Bubba isn't going to forget how all those Obama Cultists treated him. Heck, he might even hold it against them that they insulted his wife, too. But Bubba and Hillary are all about the payback, look at the people they've left in their tracks.

You Obama Cultists think Bubba is going to sincerely campaign for The Obamalith? Heh. Heh heh, Ha ha ha. Oh, that's a good one, it is. Funny! A real knee-slapper! The feel good hit of the election season.

Here, get ready Obamaniacs. Other than himself - Obama - here's who to blame for his loss in November:

The Vicious Attacks From The Insane Liberal Clown Posse Against McCain and Palin,
The overall vicious attitude from the Obama Cultists,
Barack Hussein Obama, Junior,
Joe Biden,
Bill Clinton,
Hillary Clinton,
Michelle Obama,
A Majority of the American people who don't subscribe to "Blame America First",
The Liberal Owned Media,

And An Energized Conservative Base.

The Left, being who they are, will cry, "Diebold and optical scanner fraud," again. Yeah, we'll hear that. And it sure is funny how there was no Diebold or optical scanner fraud when the Dems won in 2006. Quite a sausage of an enigma wrapped in a multi-layered riddle inside a pun inside a palindrome.


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Upon hearing about this meeting, Husband wondered aloud if Barry had to do some "under the table" dealing, if you know what I mean.
Bubba is awesome! Obama blows! He needs the Clinton's aegis to protect him this election. He needs the Clintonian backing and votes. He won't get enough of it though to win. He is scum. Maybe the worst Presidential candidate ever picked in the history of the two party system. The name, Barak Hussein Obama, Jr. should never be commixed in the same class as names like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John and John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and so on. It would be a total disgrace to those Presidents if his name were allowed to be put next to theirs.

I'm sorry, but the Democrats have thrown this presidential election. Anyone can see that Jobama are nowhere near the same category in the Presidential look as Jopalin are.
Groovy, LOL - SNORT! Barry probably did bring knee pads.

Hey, a decent comment from you. Did your doctor finally get the dosages right or are you on new meds? Congrats! A noticeable decrease in your usual amount of "hate". The miracle of the modern pharmaceutical industry, God Bless em!

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