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Monday, August 04, 2008

Pelosi Silences Debate;
Today's Gestapo Wears A Dress

On Sunday's ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos, George asked Speakeress of the House Nanny Pelosi about the recent John McCain political ad, the one using Britney Spears and Paris Hilton that humorously implies Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's candidacy as nothing more than a celebrity craze.

Nanny replied that for McCain to use and compare Obama to Hilton and Spears is... AFP:

    "not worthy of the office of president" with campaign ads portraying Obama as a vapid celebrity in the mold of Britney Spears and a Moses-like messiah figure.

    "For Senator McCain to demean the race for the presidency in this way is not, I think, humorous, I think it's silly," she said.

    "But I will say this, let's take it back to the American people," Pelosi added, demanding a true debate about jobs, energy policy, education and healthcare.

How can you not laugh out loud at Nanny's response? Once again Camp McCain hits one of those "truth nerves" about Obama - and the Democrats in general - and we know McCain has hit a nerve by the rabid reactions from Liberals like Nanny.

You see, Nanny, McCain would simply love to take it back to the American people by debating Obama, but Obama backed out of his offer that he "will meet McCain anytime, anywhere for a debate".

The Democrats have spent the past almost eight years doing nothing but demeaning the office of the presidency and they spent the eight years prior to that doing nothing but demeaning the office of the presidency. Bill Clinton running around the Oval Office with his pants around his ankles - yeah - that's not demeaning to the office. But using humor in a political ad is? I think botox has eroded what few remaining brain cells Nanny had.

Nanny isn't interested in solving any issues faced by the American people, she simply wants to keep them on life-support for ongoing political divisiveness that she and her fellow Liberals think will benefit them come the November election.

Last week, Nanny Pelosi turned off the lights and the microphones in the U.S. House. She and her fellow Democrats were anxious to begin their four or five week vacation. The House was debating energy independence, but that's such a minor issue I guess Nanny and Company didn't have much interest in it.

Is there any group of employees that receives more vacation than the U.S. Congress? They're now on a four or five week vacation. They take - I forget - one or two weeks off during Easter, their so-called Spring Recess. They take a week or so off over July 4th. They take - again, I forget - one, maybe two weeks, off over both Thanksgiving and Christmas. And they have another week or two off spread out through other times of the year. Nice work if you can get it, huh?

Today's Gestapo Wears A Dress and has a Face Full of Botox

Prior to the November 2006 election, Democrats were off the chart in their criticism of the 109th Congress. Democrats, in general, hated the 109th Congress labeling it as a do-nothing Republican majority. By comparison, the new Democrat majority 110th Congress has not only overwhelmingly underperformed, if being graded in school the 110th Congress would receive an F-minus.

Parade magazine has a story titled Why Is Congress Doing So Little?

According to Parade, the 110th Congress has passed just 260 laws - and 74 of those were renaming post offices. (Scroll about half-way down the page for the story at the Parade link).

Parade reports hundreds of resolutions have been passed, such as recognizing soil as an "essential resource" and another congratulating the University of California - Irvine volleyball team.

Soil...an essential resource. The recognition of a volleyball team. Heady, heady stuff. Far too arcane and complicated issues for the average layman to grasp and understand.

Energy independence, drilling for oil, the cost of gasoline and natural gas...oh, these aren't important for the Democrat Majority 110th Congress. They're too busy apologizing for slavery and raising the minimum wage, both issues of which will lower the prices of gasoline and this winter's heating oil. Wait, strike that last sentence.

Whew - with arduous work like this, no wonder they need 10-12 weeks off per year. Who can handle that kind of pressure?

And Nanny Pelosi silences debate on our energy problems by closing the House, turning off the lights and killing the microphones. She took her basketball away and went home because not everyone was willing to play the game her way. The Left would be screaming like stuck pigs if they were treated in this manner by a Republican Speaker.

Today's Gestapo wears a dress and has a sagging face full of botox. And her little duckling Democrats follow in duck goose-step.



It's time to turn the lights out on the democRATS. Pathetic. Just pathetic. Every time I think they can't sink lower well...

Remember drain the swamp? Why would a swamp cow want to drain the swamp? Well we have our answer. It was just another democRAT lie. They just wanted the swamp all to themselves.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. The democRATS know no limits.
How do you come up with cartoons like this.

This is great, keep on the good work buddy.

It's never over until it's over.


Hi David,

I'm one of the authors of IrascibleChef.com and would like to use an image of yours in one of my posts Could Barbara Streisand be right?

The image I would like to use is: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/155/429832766_277f4d81aa_o.jpg

Please let me know.

Thank you,
Molson, indeed - - it is time for Nanny to turn the light off on her party, just like she turned them off on the Republicans when she attempted to silence them for continuing to debate the energy bill on gas exploration and drilling.

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."

HA! I love that!!!

I don't have much of an answer. Sometime the imagination works and sometimes it doesn't. When I heard Nanny wanted to kill the discussion on energy and silence the Repubs, all I could think of was her being a Nazi.

Thanks for the kind words. You keep up the good fight as well!

Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment and others.

As you know by now I responded in the comments at your site. You're welcome to reproduce images I do as long as they are reproduced as is. Not a problem at all. I appreciate you taking the time to ask.

Stay in touch and take care.
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