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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama's Nuremberg Rally At Invesco Field

I hope all the Obama Cultists enjoyed the Thursday night Nuremberg Rally at Invesco Field. It will become the high point for the Obamaniacs. The comparison to Thursday night and the Nuremberg rallies is no stretch of the imagination either. The Nazi party was extremely Socialist and so is the Obama-Biden ticket. Obama is rated as the most Liberal Senator and Joe Biden is rated the Third most Liberal Senator. Remember, Nazi is the shortened term for Nationalsozialismus.

What's that, you say? You scoff at my comparison of Invesco Field and the Nuremberg Rallies? Well, you are mistaken. Invesco Field was exactly the same as the Nuremberg Rallies. The images are strikingly similar, especially these two:

The only thing missing was a goose-step from Obama's gait and a little mustache under his nose.

Did you notice the majority of all Da Black Folk at Obama's Nuremberg Rally were seated in the nose-bleed section? See, Obama takes the Black Vote for granted as does every other Democrat politician. The plantation of Blacks is owned by the Slave Master Democrats - this is exactly how they behave. Be quiet, all you Black Folks - Obama doesn't need you to win, he needs the Whitey vote who occupied the main floor - and of whom the reactions of all the camera shots captured - in order to win.

I noticed two more old, white men flapping their jaws Thursday night; Democrat Dick "Our soldiers are Nazis and Pol Pot" Durbin and the Man Who Would Never Be President, the Global Alarmist Albert Gore, Junior. And some old white lady with three chins spoke before they did. She's just an old white lady.

Where's the diversity in the Democrat Party? Heh - there isn't any. Ah yes, it was a Nuremberg Rally of The Lily White Party.

Chimpy McObama Poodle took the stage.

I noticed Chimpy made sure he was wearing his U.S. Flag lapel pin. He's such a patriot, isn't he?

Oooooooh, there was a United State Flag behind Chimpy. Wow, I'm amazed it survived and wasn't burned prior to him taking the stage.

I can't take my eyes of his ears. They are, indeed, the most enormous ears on any human being I've ever seen. If he flaps them, can he fly? I bet he can hide a kilo of coke in one ear canal and a couple of crack pipes in the other.

No doubt Thursday night's Hollywood extravaganza of The Obamalith will turn off a large bloc of voters, and why shouldn't it? At best, he's a gravitas-lacking celebrity who lacks political depth and experience. The average middle class voter is appalled at the carbon footprint consumption involved in Thursday night's Obama masturbatory event to himself.

Obama needs the pizazz and flash. It's all he has. He has no experience, no gravitas, no history. He has a blank resume. He has to have pomp and circumstances and an exaggerated flowery book cover because the inside pages are blank. All show, all talk, all pomp and circumstances.

How is it he never closed any primary with close to 50% of the vote? He can't close the deal. It's that simple.

There were fireworks too. How can a global warming Alarmist permit fireworks, which are one of the most egregious pollutants around?

If Obama is doing so well - as his Cult Followers would like everyone to believe - why isn't he ahead of McCain by 10 points? If Obama is doing so well, why did he receive such a minimal and ephemeral bounce from the convention?

I counted how many times in his speech that Obama used the word "I" (and its variations, "I've" or "I'm) and totaled up 81 times. 81 times! (Actually it was "word match" that did the counting).

It's all about him. That's all it is. Obama has given new meaning to the words arrogance and hubris.


Note: I believe it was Peggy Noonan, writing in the Wall Street Journal, who was the first to compare the striking similarities
between Obama's speech from Invesco Field to that of the Nuremberg Rallies. I make no claim that I was the one who thought of this first.

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You know that uniform kind of gives Fraudbama the gravitas he's looking for. Biden on the other hand is more like a pair of burlap underwear. He chafes... A lot.
HA! The Nazi uniform and his empty suit partner the burlap underwear! Oh....that is such an ugly mental image, Biden in burlap undies. Christ!

Ya gotta start giving "Danger, my comment may cause you to spit water all over your keyboard and screen" warnings!!
SO the two images you link to show a "Forbiden" to me...
Hi Arc -

I just tried the links and got the same thing. The links worked okay the day I posted it, but, the site may have blocked them because I "hot-linked" (directly linked) to them instead of saving them and using my own (or a free image host) bandwith for them.

I will have the images posted here in a little while. Thanks for the heads up on this.
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