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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Obama Is The One Who Can't Stop
Mentioning His Differences

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior is the one who keeps telling us about his differences. He's the one who repeatedly tells us that he has a funny name, that he looks different and that he's not patriotic enough.

The other day, when he falsely and lamely accused the McCain Camp of playing The Race Card, was not the first time that he spoke about his funny name, that he looks different and that he's not patriotic enough.

Obama is the one who preferred being addressed as Barry - instead of Barack - in high school, college and early in his career.

Obama is one who reminds us that he "looks funny" - whatever that may mean. What does he mean by that? Why does he say it? Why doesn't any reporter ask him to articulate and elaborate on what exactly he means when he uses that phrase - "looks funny"? And why would that matter, unless of course, he's playing his Race and Fear Cards?

Obama is the one who keeps reminding us that he is not a Muslim - as if there is something wrong with being a Muslim. His step-brother and family in Kenya reacts with disbelief over his claims that he is not a Muslim.

Obama is the one who refused to wear a U.S. Flag lapel pin and who is now never seen without it. He's the one who refused to put his hand over his heart during the playing of our National Anthem. He's the one who, on more than one occasion, said he doesn't need to do these things to prove his love for his country. Now he feels the need to keep reminding...well, reminding himself...that he is patriotic. Talk about one's insecure and inherent psychological projection.

Obama is the one taking offense at being compared to celebrities Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, yet it is his Cult Followers and his own party that calls him a "rock star".

Obama is the one who tells us that his opponent - whether it was Hillary Clinton or now John McCain - is playing The Fear Card. Well, if you state that your opponent is playing The Fear Card, are you not also playing The Fear Card by opening it up as an issue?

Obama says he is offended at being called arrogant, yet he is the one who speaks about what he will do in his second presidential term. He hasn't won his first term, but he acts as though he has.

As in his primary against Clinton, Obama would like his race against McCain to be over with - just as Obama stated about his primary against Clinton - and he would simply like being anointed and crowned as president without having to go through the election process. How can this be interpreted as anything but arrogance and hubris - two words that The Left heavily ascribed to George W. Bush?

Obama says that Bush and McCain don't have the answers to the challenges we face. But Obama hasn't articulated any specific stance on any issue, and when he has he's reversed himself. One year ago he was adamant that the surge in Iraq would never work. He has been proven wrong and he cannot admit it; another accusation leveled at Bush from The Left - that Bush cannot admit a mistake. It appears Barry is incapable of admitting his mistakes.

Obama is the one who keeps reminding us of his inexperience, thank you very much, it's one thing on which he is correct. He is inexperienced with only 143 actual days on his resume as a U.S. Senator. 143 days - that's it.

Obama is the one who keeps saying, "...what they're going to try to do is make you scared of me." Well, okay, if you say we should be scared of you, perhaps we should have some reason to be scared.

Obama has a past of associating with domestic terrorists.

Obama has a past of associating with several divisive, racist, sexist and homophobic reverends.

Obama's circle of friends, business partners and colleagues aren't exactly role models for lawful and ethical behavior; Tony Rezko and Nadhmi Auchi to name just two.

Obama has done fundraising for the terrorist group Hamas.

Obama had a staffer display posters of Che Guevara in his campaign office.

Obama said he will unconditionally meet with heads of states that sponsor terrorists.

Yes, all these things should put a little bit of a scare into us.

Thank you Barry, for reminding us all of your faults.

People often are the person they claim not to be. We can gauge this by their defensive reactions. Obama is very defensive when it comes to these issues and he keeps reminding us who he is by telling us who he is not.

Obama is the main character in a what can be described as a Shakespearean tragedy. The only question remaining is, if he is elected, will he drag the rest of us, our country and the world down with him?


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I agree 100%. I had some similar questions about this under "obama's socialistic speech" where he said:

[I know that I don't look like the Americans who've previously spoken in this great city. The journey that led me here is improbable. My mother was born in the heartland of America, but my father grew up herding goats in Kenya. His father -- my grandfather -- was a cook, a domestic servant to the British.]

Only thing I'm suspicious of is that mouth full of unnaturally bright white teeth. In my life time, only those who have lots of money and/or have an acting career get to have teeth that beautiful.

Well... he does act, doesn't he...
David, just shut the Hell up and drink this damn Kool-Aid. It's mighty tasty and good fer ya' too!

"Me thinks the lady doth protest too much..."
Bug, oh yeah, Barry is quite the actor.

The whole "globalist, new world order" message he sends would have his own supporters foaming at the mouth if the same words were spoken by a Republican. But oh Christ Lord, how they look the other way and give him a free pass when he says it.
Two Dogs, can you rephrase your comment in the form of a question for the next edition of Dear Mammy?


SPOT ON! He does doth protest too much. That's harder to say than it is to write! Add a Homer Simpson "Du-oh" after it and one almost ends up lisping it like Barney Frank! ;-O)
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