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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton Tuesday Night Live!

Hillary Clinton's speech Tuesday night didn't convince many of her supporters into backing The Affirmative Action Candidate.

She was typically robotic. Her speech was uninspirational. She said what she had to say, but she wasn't believable. Why would anyone - especially her supporters - believe a word that she said?

In a carefully crafted and executed delivery, Hillary MrsSatan Clinton spoke far more about her, her candidacy, her work in the Senate and her job as First Lady than she spoke about The Obamalith.

Did you notice how the only time Pickles Obama The Dangerous Washerwoman forced one of her toothy-chipmunk-stuffed-cheek smiles during Hillary's speech was when she knew she was on-camera? Pickles and Hillary can't stand each other and it shows. Oh, how it shows.

It was Hillary's acceptance speech. Only she's not the candidate...yet.

She mentioned, "partisan gridlock." Heh - who's responsible for that? The Democrats under the leadership of Nanny Pelosi and Harry ReidTard, that's who.

She talked a lot about lowering taxes on the middle class. But it was her husband who signed into law the biggest tax increase on the middle class in American political history.

So while Hillary, Pickles and all the other Commiecrats deliver their speeches about lowering taxes on the Middle Class, we know they are lying to the American public. Do you own research by going to the official website of The Affirmative Action candidate and you will see that his spending plans cannot be financed by only taxing and soaking the wealthy; no, he will implement tax increases on every wage-earner.

Pickles Obama, The Dangerous, Angry Washerwoman

Bill Clinton learned this the hard way when he socked it to the rich by raising taxes on the wealthy. Remember the tax increase for yacht-buyers? What happened? Manufacturers of yachts saw a decrease in demand for their product and thus began laying off employees. Clinton's "tax the rich" policy was quickly undone.

Ladies, those of you who supported Hillary had the rug pulled out from under you by a novice; an arugula and goat cheese-eating, 143 actual days on-the-job-in-the-Senate experience Elitist whose blue-collar bowling score is a 37.

Hillary supporters had Obama forced onto them; almost like they were raped.

After the Hillary speech a local television news broadcast interviewed a women at the Minnesota State Fair. She was asked by the interviewer if she would now vote for Obama instead of John McCain. She answered, "Why would I listen to Hillary now?" Exactly.

What I'm hearing today, from the LefTard Obamaniacs regarding Hillary Clinton's Tuesday night speech, is, "if that was how Hillary would have campaigned during the primary I would have voted for her instead of Obama." No they wouldn't. No. They. Wouldn't.

There was no difference between Hillary in the primary from that of the Hillary on Tuesday night. The difference is this and only this; Hillary voted for the War in Iraq and Obama is against the war. Of course, this is an easy stance for him to take because he wasn't in the U.S. Senate when the vote for the Iraq War was cast. It's easy for him to glom onto an issue he doesn't have to take any responsibility for and for which he cannot be held accountable.

Hillary practically choked every time she had to utter the words Barack Obama. At any moment I expected her to hurl up a Stimpy-style furball just prior to speaking his name.

The lovable Stimpy, sans furball.

She talked about the middle class being able to, "Have a little (money) left over each month." That's right, just a little. Just enough to squeak by. And if you have more than just "a little", by god the Democrats will find a way to take it from you. They know how to spend it better than you do.

This is message of Democrats; have "a little money leftover"; not a lot - don't be successful - don't strive for improving your financial situation - don't even think about being rich because being rich is bad. Unless you're a Democrat, unless you're George Soros György Schwartz, unless you're a Hollywood or Limousine Liberal.

Hillary's speech was more about why she was the better candidate. This message was absorbed by her supporters. If this isn't true, then please tell me why so many Hillary supporters - especially women - that I've seen interviewed on television or that I've heard on radio are still saying they will support and vote for John McCain?


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"Harry ReidTard"

Ha. Ha. That made me laugh.

Don't forget that the Dems need money to fund the FBI. That takes real money. All the little left over stuff and much much more. But wait the payoff is huge. Nothing like a little Castro style health care to fill a body bag... er I mean do a body good.
Thanks Molson. I don't know why I didn't think of "ReidTard" before.

The Dems always make their case why we shouldn't be allowed more than "a little bit of money" leftover, don't they? They can't stand it when people have control over their own finances because they know it weakens the Dems stronghold on our lives. Those f*ckers.
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