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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Election Boils Down To FOPIM

Say it with me, FOPIM.

It's pronounced just as it is spelled: "FO-PIM". Because this is what the election will boil down to.


Indiana and


These five state will determine who is elected as the next president of the United States.

Whichever candidate wins three or more of these states will be the one elected to the White House.


Floria, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan. FOPIM.

It is likely that John McCain will win Florida given for whom Florida has voted in the past.

McCain can win Michigan - a Blue state in years 2000 and 2004 - especially if he chooses Mitt Romney - whom Michigan loves - as his VP.

This leaves OPI; Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Both Ohio and Indiana voted for George W. Bush in both year 2000 and 2004 elections. Despite crying and whining from The Left about DieBold machines being rigged in Ohio, they have never proven it. DieBold rigging is nothing but an unproven conspiracy theory from The Left because this is all they can grasp onto.

Both Ohio and Indiana are, to
some extent, up for grabs this year but they should - in all practical purposes - remain Red States.

If McCain manages to pull off getting the electoral votes of Wisconsin or Minnesota - both of which are up for grabs - along with two or more FOPIMs, by the time the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Time Zone states vote, it will already be over for The Affirmative Action Candidate who will be rendered back to on-the-job training as a U.S. Senator.

This election is John McCain's to lose.

And as anyone familiar with what I've written here in the past, I'm no fan of McCain, I'm not supportive of his candidacy and I will be sitting this election out. I may reconsider if - and it's a big IF - he picks Romney as his running mate. But even if he doesn't, McCain still has FOPIM on his side. Pennsylvania can stay Blue and McCain can still win.

FOPIM. This what the election boils down to.


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I'm still wondering how, four years ago, the voting machines were rigged here in OH. I voted via touch screen, and doubt very highly that anyone in this area of Appalachia could figure out how to tamper with it.

Groovy, they weren't tampered with. This is just subterfuge and lies from the Dems who cannot accept that their pinhead candidates Kerry and Gore LOST!

It's amazing that there were no allegations of voting machine tampering in the 2006 election when Dems took the majority, isn't it?

Funny how those machines worked just fine then. /snark

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