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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Denver: Night One Recap

I saw only the closing minutes of Monday night's Denver Insane Liberal Clown Posse Convention.

I read where a prayer was recited to kick-off the ceremony. Was a fetus aborted on stage as well?

I understand there was a huge tribute, complete with a video homage, to Democrat Senator Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy. Can anyone inform me if the tribute mentioned him being a murderer and included footage and references to Chappaquiddick and how he made no effort in rescuing Mary Jo Kopechne?

Did the tribute mention his hardcore alcoholism, his several homes (after all, if making a big deal out of the number of John and Cindy McCain's homes is an issue, the many homes of the Kennedy's is fair game), his divorce and his numerous extramarital affairs?

Did the video tribute mention his father Joe Kennedy Sr's. anti-Semitism, his World War II profiteering from being in cahoots with Nazis and how Joe idolized Adolf Hitler and so desperately wanted to meet him in person?

Did the video pay tribute to Joe's bootlegging?

Did the video mention Joe's sexual affair - oh, excuse me, his alleged sexual affair - with his own daughter, Rose? Did the tribute mention how Rose was subjected to a forced lobotomy?

I would imagine all those great things that Fat Ted Tumor Head and the rest of the disgusting, illegal and immoral acts this family has done were ignored.

And there was Michelle Obama, Best Leading Actress In A Convention Drama, reciting a speech that was written for her.

I saw the tail end of Michelle The Dangerous Washerwoman's speech. Did I hear her say, "God Bless America"? Why would she say that when she hates America and, until now, has never been proud of her country?

The Dangerous Washerwoman Who Has Never Been Proud of Her Country

Is there anything more nauseating and ingratiating than the Obama children Sasha and Malia? Did you see the two Little Chocolate Chips dragged out in front of the crowd after The Dangerous Washerwoman's speech?

Then, the Illinois Muslim appeared on a television screen and the Two Chocolate Chips - obviously coached beforehand - attempted to converse with Bele, which proved only that they didn't learn their scripted lines and kept interrupting Big Daddy. Hey, if the children of John Roberts and the Bush daughters can be held up to ridicule by The Lefties, then I am entitled to rip on the Two Chocolate Chip girls.

"Daddy what city are you in," asked the littlest Chocolate Chip.

"Kansas City," replied The Affirmative Action Candidate.

Uh-huh, like the Littlest Chocolate Chip knows the difference between Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. Or Regina, Saskatchewan, for that matter.

That wasn't the end of the rehearsed and poorly executed "cuteness" from the Littlest Chocolate Chip.

She had to ask something like with whom Big Daddy was staying. He replied, "the Girardeaus", to which the LCC replied, "hi Giradeaus." What a pathetic attempt to play the "Oh, Aren't Those Chocolate Chip Girls Precocious" Card.

Like I said, I saw only the last few minutes. This is all it took to recognize the convention as the great farce that it is.

All that veneer, phoniness and smarminess contained in one place. Where's an airplane piloted by Islamic Radicals and a terrorist attack when you really need one?


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don't hold back Dave tell us what you really feel
I almost pissed my pants laughing so hard at you wrote under the image of Michelle. Dude, fantastic
writing. As you say spot on for your take on the Obama girls. Their act made me want to puke. Talk about exploiting two little girls or as you call them chocolate chips. Frekin hilarious Dave.
I'm working on it Arc. Am trying to be less subtle! ;-)

Great to hear from you, hope all is well!
EC, what can I say. They trot out the Obama girls and exploit them like they're part of a circus sideshow.

I thought the Obama's said their children were "off limits"? Huh...just like Chelsea is "off limits" except when their respective parents think it might garner them a vote or two. Hypocrites of the worst kind.

I dunno, if my take on this is wrong feel free to counter me on it.
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