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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Yuck" Is Now Racist

Using the word "yuck" may be racist, especially when used by children.


    LONDON, July 7 (UPI) -- Toddlers who say "yuck" when given flavorful foreign food may be exhibiting racist behavior, a British government-sponsored organization says.

    The London-based National Children's Bureau released a 366-page guide counseling adults on recognizing racist behavior in young children, The Telegraph reported Monday.

    The guide, titled Young Children and Racial Justice, warns adults that babies must also be included in the effort to eliminate racism because they have the ability to "recognize different people in their lives."

    The bureau says to be aware of children who "react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying 'yuck'."

    "Racist incidents among children in early years settings tend to be around name-calling, casual thoughtless comments and peer group relationships," the guide says.

    Staff members are advised not to ignore racist actions and to condemn them when they occur.

Now, those of you who buy into this, you do know you're clinically deranged, beyond help. You know you are a Useful Idiot (yes, capital "U" and "I") to radical Islam, right? And your babies...? They're a bunch of fucking racists. Yuck!


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Holy shit, we are all going to have to become a bunch of panty-wearing booty boys. Dammit, Nancy, you want me to get you a shawl?
oh boy....
Two Dogs, you make "panty-wearing booty boys" sound like such an uncomfortable thing.......;-)
Arc -

yeah, this "yuck" thing coming on the heels (huh, actually no pun originally intended) of the dog in the poster ad in Scotland upsetting Muslims is just insane.
That is one of the most obnoxious pictures I've ever seen!

Uh oh... could I be deemed a racist because I don't like that picture of the little boy. Let me tell you why... it's not his skin color... it's the asshole behind the camera urging the poor kid to yell something that means absolutely NOTHING to the child!!! And man... he sure got the "obnoxious" kid down pat.

Uh oh... is "obnoxious" now a racist word?
Bug - you know, I can't remember where I found that image, or I would attribute it to where I found it and its originator, I try to "do good" on those sorts of things.

I don't know the story behind it, but I believe it was put up as a joke, a response to those who see racism in everything. I think it is obnoxious, but I think the little kid is cute. Looks like he might have had fun doing it too. Wouldn't it be funny if he turned out to now be in his early 20s?
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