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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wesley Clark Undermines Obama

By now most people are familiar with Wesley Clark's Sunday "Face The Nation" personal attack on Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain.

The Left - especially the Obama Cultists - are cheering and raving over what Clark said, a typical hatchet attack and smear job on McCain's Military service and record. I'm happy the Left - especially the Obama Cultists - are gloating over Clark's attack on McCain. They think these types of attacks will help Obama. Please, I encourage the Obama Cultists to keep believing this. Don't ever stop.

You cannot think that Clark is stupid enough to make the comments about McCain all on his own. You can say what you want about Clark - that he has spent his entire career as an opportunist, playing both sides of the political aisle when it's been to his advantage, and he has indeed behaved in this manner - but he is not stupid. He calculates everything he says and does based upon how it will help him and his career.

Clark was a staunch, heels-dug-into-the-earth supporter of Hillary Clinton. Now that her campaign is in suspended animation, he crosses to the other side of the street proclaiming he supports Obama. If his intention is to really support Obama, then why would he say what he said on Sunday?

Bill Clinton tells Clark to jump. Clark asks, "how high?"

Bill Clinton, and to a lesser degree Hillary, has been and still is Clark's puppet master. I have no doubt at all that Bill Clinton told Clark you go out there and you say and do whatever you need to in order to undermine the campaign of Obama. Clark, who takes his marching orders from Bubba, saluted and replied "yes sir!"

Bubba is still furious over Obama pulling the rug out from under Hillary. Hillary puts on her happy face and pretends to support Obama. But the truth is that they will undermine Obama's campaign using people like Clark - who on the surface will appear to defect to, and support, Obama - and others who will work from the inside to erode the Obama's candidacy.

It is reported that Bill Clinton recently said, "Obama can kiss my ass for my support
." I have no doubt that these reports are accurate and that he said what is attributed to him. When someone angers Bubba, it is not forgotten and it does not go without retaliation. Obama has made an enemy of Bubba and Bubba isn't going to let go.

Clinton to Obama: "You can kiss my ass for my support."

Clark's Sunday statements about McCain is strictly from the playbook of Bubba and James Carvile. It's a textbook tactic from Bubba-Carvile of undercutting and destabilizing their opponents. The Clinton Crime Family does this well, better than anyone in American political history.

I'm not giving away any secrets to the Obama Camp or his Cult Followers. I'm not "tipping off" the Obama Camp or his Cultists. They're too blind to believe this. They believe everything is rosy and wonderful in Liberal Land. They believe that what Clark did will help Obama. They wouldn't and won't believe what I write here because they are too wrapped up in their own hatred, denial and hypocrisy over a candidate they believe will win in November and a candidate of whom they apply no standards, no judgment, no reason, no truths, no facts.

By the time the Obama Camp and his Cult Followers realize what happened to The Obamalith, John McCain will be smack in the middle of his swearing-in ceremony.

As I wrote here, Obama and his candidacy will be diffused and he will be rendered unelectable by "supporters" inside his own camp. He will be undone from within, primarily from the Clinton Crime Family.

The people standing in the way of Obama being elected are not Republicans, Independents, Neocons or Reich Wingers. Obama
will fall because of the Clinton Crime Family and those that they employ to do their bidding.

Remember where you read this. This is exactly how this election will play out.


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I'm a supporter of Obama and have been since day one. And I agree with everything you wrote about how the Clinton's will take him down.

Oh those Clintlers. They are a freaking riot at an election party. Glad they're with the democRATs. What's even better is if Fraudbama does get elected they still don't go away. TeHeHeHe.

Wesley Clark has become such a giant suck hole for the left. What a fine job he did dissing a fellow Vietnam War vet. McCain may have his faults, but when it came to leadership under fire, he was the real deal. Oh and all the leftards that claim McCain made a propaganda film for the enemy while a POW can go f**k themselves. Many brave US servicemen were forced into making propaganda films for the North Vietnamese and they did things in the films to show that they were trying to discredit the films. Where were the leftards back then to whine and cry about habeas corpus and Geneva Convention bullshit for US POW's. They were off dropping acid and f**cking goats that's where.
Ron - your candidate of choice will be taken down from the inside by Bubba and his cadre of henchmen and goons.

You seem sensible, or at least not a Obama Cultist. Open your eyes and realize that Obama stands for nothing but higher taxes and Marxism - or maybe that's your thing. But realize that Marxism doesn't work, never has, never will. Move to the center Ron. Real Liberals would vote for Ralph Nader. You know this.

Thanks for commenting.
Molson - Clark is doing the bidding for Bubba. He's not so stupid as to say what he said on his own. I don't like Clark at all, but he is an opportunist. I can't help but think he said what he said by direct orders from Herr Hitler...I mean Bubba.

You are spot on about the forcing of POWs to make propaganda films for the enemy. And indeed, the LEftards back then were pleased when a U.S. solider was killed in action. The Left afforded none of what they now afford to Gitmo terrorists to US Soliders back them, or even now (i.e. Haditha).

"...and f**cking goats." HA! You come up with the best lines ever.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. And I was just over at your place and saw the latest pic. Thanks for the frequent updates, the photo's are fantastic.
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