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Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama's New World Order

The title of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's speech that he delivered in Germany (at what is a site that originally was built by Adolf Hitler) is "A World that Stands as One". [Correction: Hitler did not build or construct the Victory Column - I knew this, but I failed in my proofreading. Hitler did relocate the Victory Column from its original location to where it is today. This is what I meant to write and I regret my sometimes proofreading-challenged abilities - Drake]..

I'm not making this up. It's on his own web site..."A World that Stands as One".

Wow, does that sound New World Order-ish to anyone?

I bet if a Republican gave a speech titled "A World that Stands as One" The Insane Liberal Clown Posse would be screaming "New World Order, New World Order!"

I'm going to use the New York Times version of Obama's speech simply because it's easier on the eyes format-wise.

In his speech, Obama speaks of, "global citizenship continue[s] to bind us together."

He speaks of, "global commitment" and "global partnership."

He speaks of "global development" and a "globalized world."

He speaks of being a "citizen of the world."

He speaks of how "the world might be remade" and "a world that stands as one."

The "world remade"? That "stands as one?"

Whew - does that sound like New World Order (NWO)? It sure does to me! The Left and Obama Cultists will never breath a word of this though. Oh, but if Republican John McCain used these same words? Holy Hell, it would be NWO/
Illuminati Gone Wild!

One more thing: yet another case of plagiarism from The Obamalith with him saying, "the walls we must tear down."

I guess he's run out of Democrats to plagiarize and his only option is now plagiarizing great Republicans and great Republican presidents.

Who will he plagiarize next?

Here's my guess: He will soon utter the phrase, "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."

And he'll claim it as his own original phrase. And his Cultists will believe him.


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I actually put that image up in words at my blog at the very same time you posted. I think that you are plagiarizing my words with your images.

Obama? Is that you posting at DD's blog?

Oh, same speech as always, somewhere else.
Uh-oh! Sounds like a conspiracy to me!

I'm on my way over now.
"Always look on the bright side of Marxism..." "Whistle whistle..."
I love that the Moonbats got all riled up when Jon Stewart made the crack, "He also visited Bethlehem, to see the place where he was born."
Obama is a snob. He is a fraud and a hypocrite. G-d help us if he becomes POTUS - he will snub all us white people and that would not be a surprise since he loves to deny his white heritage, EXCEPT when it is for a photo op or he needs to impress some Obamaized drone crowd! UGH! SPIT!

Hope all is well with you David!
Miller, there will be NO WHISTLING PERMITTED AT THIS BLOG, even in the form of the written word. It is Verboten!


I didn't hear the Stewart line til now. That's a great line.

Shit, Obama Cultists get riled over the slightest thing, even when intended as a joke. They are INSANE!

I cannot add to your comment, I feel exactly the same way about Obama. As another commenter (Molson) who frequents here, calls him Fraudbama, and that term is a billion percent fitting and appropriate.

Things are okay here. Some days I don't have as much time to visit and spend time at my favorite bloggers as other days. I hope you and yours are all well.
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