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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Obama Now Says Iran A "Great threat."

Every day brings a new flip-flop from Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

From al-Reuters, Obama on Wednesday called Iran "a great threat."

    Obama, who called Iran a "great threat" on ABC's "Good Morning America, said President George W. Bush has not backed up confrontational rhetoric with economic sanctions. Obama cited reports indicating that U.S. exports to Iran have increased during Bush's years in office.

Well, sanctions only work well when Russia and China aren't giving Iran what they need under the table. It's not like the U.S. is shipping guns, missile technology (ala Clinton and China) or luxury items to Iran.

Obama gives speech stating "Iran a great threat." e-Flux Media:

    In a speech held Wednesday, Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama described Iran as a "great threat" and said that the western powers should impose tighter economic sanctions to Teheran after the country’s government test-fired nine missiles.


    ...he [said he] would try to solve the problem through a mix of more direct diplomacy and a threat of much tougher economic sanctions. The United States need to create “a kind of policy” that is putting the pressure on Iran to change its manners, Obama concluded.

I guess Obama prefers an pressure-cooker embargo like that of Iraq, and withholding medicine, ala Clinton-Albright and how it resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead children and adults.

What does Obama think the EU and (for what good they are) the UN has been doing for the past however hell many years spent negotiating and exercising diplomacy with Iran? Where have you been all this time, Mr. Obamalith?

From the U.S. Navy Department Library dated August 2005:

    Since October 2003, the foreign ministers of Germany, France, and the UK (EU-3) have been negotiating with Iran on restricting its nuclear program in exchange for wide-ranging assistance. If EU-3 negotiations fail, it is not clear even then that the IAEA would call Iran into noncompliance, since the Iranian suspension is voluntary.

But it was only this past May where Obama said, "Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don't pose a serious threat to us."

Really, he said that. Here he is in his own words:

Well, which is it? A little more than one month ago Iran was not a threat. Now they are a "great threat"? Hmmmmmm. Sure sounds like the words of inexperience, arrogance and hubris. Yes, Hubris, you Libs remember Hubris, don't you? You used the term in describing George W. Bush when you believed he was "full of himself."

Hubris, meet Obama - Obama, meet Hubris; for you are one.

Oh, the joy of pointing out hypocrisy, flip-flopping and the always posturing and posing of The Meccachurian Candidate. He's a real current-day Neville Chamberlain, ain't he? And Hubris, he's full of the Hubris. We can't forget that.


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Those economic sanctions kinda made Hitler take France.

Chamberlain '08!
Now, now Two Dogs. You sound a bit adverse to diplomacy...what's up with such hostility?!?

Hilary and Obama... it's like watching a ping pong match on a roller coaster; neither one has principals they will stand up for... they change sides from day to day based on polls that mean nothing and based upon who's asking.

Hypocrisy... the joy, the humor, the hemorrhoids.
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