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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obama In A Bubble Of Egotism

"Help! I'm in Bubble!"

Robert Gibbs, spokesman for Barack Hussein Obama, Junior said, "we never said that the Pentagon prevented us from going," to visit wounded and recovering U.S. Soldiers at Landstuhl while Obama was in Germany.

That's a very interesting statement from Gibbs who, on July 25, said,
"We had taken some of that into consideration but we believed that it could be done in a way that would not create, it would not be created or seen as a campaign stop."

By "some of that", Gibbs means what was intended for Obama to be a photo-op with U.S. Troops. The reason Obama nixed visiting and paying his respects to the Soldiers is that he was asked not to bring along his entourage of toadying reporters and photographers
thereby turning his visit with the Troops into a Campaign and Media Event.

The above becomes even more Theater of The Absurd when you consider that Obama Campaign Guru David Axelrod blamed the Pentagon for Obama not visiting the Soldiers, saying that they "viewed this as a campaign event and therefore they said he should not come."

[Pentagon, spokesman Bryan Whitman] said, "The Pentagon certainly did not tell the senator he could not visit Landstuhl

So we have Gibbs saying he didn't say what he said as well as saying that that Axelrod didn't say what he said.

See, these people - and by that I mean Team Obama - tell so many lies they can no longer keep track of all the lies they tell, who tells them, who tries to cover up for the lies and who tries covering up for the covering up.

Obama was never disinvited from visiting Soldiers at Landstuhl. He was asked not to make it a campaign and media event. But he couldn't keep himself from doing this - egomaniac that he is - so he dissed the Soldiers because he couldn't have it his way.

Andrew Romano,
writing at Newsweek, apparently hasn't been paying any attention to how The Left has been acting and behaving for the past seven years (at least the past seven years):

Romano, writing about the differences in policy on the Iraq War between John McCain and Obama says:

    Without any substantive distance between him and Obama on the way forward in Iraq, the Arizona senator has chosen to indulge in recent days in a series of meaningless attacks meant create [sic] (I think he's missing a "to" connecting those words. - Drake] the illusion of contrast where none actually exists.

I'm not too familiar with Romano's writing. Can anyone tell me, does he specialize in satire and humor? I ask this because the entire existence of Liberals depends on nothing but a "series of meaningless attacks meant (to) create the illusion of controversy where none actually exists." It is the entire lifeblood of Liberal ideology. Romano appears not to be paying attention, not now, not ever. Pass the bong my way Andy, you're smoking some good stuff!

It would be nice - why, the U.S. and the world might even approach a harmonious whole - if Liberals everywhere held their own people and politicians to the same standard that they hold and apply to everyone else. But don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Not even if you have two lung-fulls of some mind blowing nugg smoke.


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Ha. McCain calling out Fraudbama on his off again on again Iraq policy is one thing McCain actually has gotten right. Clearly this is evidence that Andrew Romano's only real skill is copulating with goats. Plus, I'm still waiting to hear the utterly useless line... "We can't drill our way out of this". Leftards apply this worthless tidbit to almost everything from anal warts to Osama Bin Fuckface's head wrap. But forget all that, the really sad thing is Fraudbama actually believes he knows what he is doing. If this idiot gets elected and I'm beginning to doubt that he will given his never ending ability to follow John Kerry's campaign playbook, he will undoubtedly be the end of the DemocRAT party. The DemoRATS will own all the blame and they won't be able to drill... I mean blame their way out of it. When the RATS realize they can't just blame Bush anymore, they will start blaming anything that moves, including fellow RATS. Even Teddy's giant tumor filled head will be blamed for something. After all didn't the 'Liberal Licknut' oppose a wind farm because it would ruin his view. Lets see the RATS try to drilling their way out of that.
Nice job on the parody of Newsweeks Bush in a bubble! you're getting paid for this stuff?
Molson, it is one of the few things McCain has gotten right...eventually. Heh!

My guess will be that no matter what happens, if Obama steals the election, the LeftTards will still blame Bush, or the Republicans, or anyone else. They will place blame anywhere and everywhere except where it belongs, on themselves and their own elected asshats.

Ted Tumor Head and his nephews (nephews and son, I think) did bitch about windmill farms and got that idea of "alternative energy" source removed from his precious oceanfront view of his property. They're "Kennedys", they don't have to do or say what they expect from others.
EC, thanks. Glad you like it.

I WISH I COULD FIND PAYING WORK for doing this graphics stuff. No offers yet. Maybe someday?!???
Hey David... nice cover to Newsweek... very impressive.

So I received my first hate mail (if you can call it that). I made a comment on a NY Times Article (one of a few voicing my opinion) and one of the other posters tracked me down to make a "very nice" comment on my blog. I made a new post including these comments since this person randomly choose a post that had nothing to do with Obama in order to slam me... perhaps so it couldn't be found later (hmmm).

I just don't understand why people have to hunt others down to "give them a piece of their mind"... what's the point?

This person hopes I suffer a full 8 years with Obama as president... THE HORROR!!!

Thank you for the kind words on the NewsweAk parody.

The point - I think - of "hunting you down" is because you don't think exactly as they do. Why, how dare you - and I - don't automatically accept the Obama Messiah as our saviour. Who are we to question him or his supporters?
How dare we have our own minds and push away from their "groupthink" mentality?

That's what I think their problem is.

Be happy! You have a troll! And not just any Troll, a rabid Obama Troll! Have fun with him or her, oops, I mean "IT". Drive "IT" crazy, make "IT" hurt. Make "IT" whine and cry - taunt "IT".

I'm heading over to your place right now to read the comments.

Let me know the link to the NY Times piece so I can read it. You can email it to me if you want if you dont want to put it in comments here. Or maybe you have it in what you published, like I said, I'm heading over to your place as soon as I publish this comment.
Hey David... the link to the New York Time article is under my post called "Obama Headlines".

I see you commented on the same post "IT" commented... just to keep things consistent. :o)

I have a new one called "The Liberal's Curse" where I taunt "IT". I seriously doubt a return visit.

Thanks for the comments.

P.S. I don't believe I know your email address... or I'm blind and don't see it.
Sheeze. It's bad enough to have to deal with Fraudbama, but now trollbamas too? The left will stop at nothing to spread lies.

"Panic or die." I like that one. That may need a photochopshop exclusive with Big Carbon Al's giant bloat head.
Thanks Bug, I will stop by that post at your place a bit later.

click on my "view profile", top right.
Molson, Tollbamas...darn it, you have to reconsider starting a second blog, on which is political. You have all the creative tools, man!
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