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Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama And Soros Together Again

The last time we checked in with the Comedy and Ventriloquism Team of billionaire and Liberal America-hater George Soros...György Schwartz and his puppet Barack Hussein Obama, Junior was when they were rehearsing for the Dumbocrat Convention in Denver.

György is proud of his little puppet. And they had the recent conversation below:

    Soros: You made me very proud Barack, in how you handled yourzelf in Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany.

    Barack: What about Israel, Uncle György, did I do okay there? Do you approve?

    Soros: Yes Barack, you convinced ze Jews zhat as president you vill support them and be their ally instead of what I have planned, which is supporting the Palestinian and Hezbollah terrorists and they fell for it. Good boy (patronizingly patting Barack on the head).

    Barack: Your approval means so much to me. Am I the president now, Uncle György?

    Soros: Not quite yet, Barack, but soon. Very soon.

    Barack: Will I be the president of the world, Uncle György?

    Soros: Yes Barack, you vill be ze president of the vorld.

    Barack: Uncle György, may have I permission to ask you a question?

    Soros: Certainly Barack, go ahead.

    Barack: Where and from whom is all my campaign donations coming from?

    Soros: Zat is not yours to vorry or concern yourzelf about, Barack. Just listen to me and do as I say and everyzing vill vork out as I have planned.

    Barack: Okay, Uncle György, but afterwards what favors will I owe you in return?

    Soros: So many quvestions from such an inquisitive little mind. You leave all zat to me Barack. Stay on script, keep acting and pretending zat you are ze Messiah and do vhat I tell you and all vill be fine. Trust me, Barack, trust me.

    Barack: Okay, Uncle György. (Pause). Ummmm, am I the president now?

    Soros: Soon Barack, zoon. Heh, heh, heh. Zhat's vhat I like about you Barack. So eager to do my bidding. You're villing to do anyzing for me.

    Barack: Anything for you, Uncle György.



that image of soros and obama kills dude. soros has got to be the rainmaker for Barry.
EC, yeah. I don't buy the BS that Obama is raising megamillions from small donations. Sorryos is up to something no good.
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