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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Yorker Cover Causes Obama Whining

Former Republican U.S. Senator from Texas, and adviser to John McCain, Phil Gramm got it right last week when he said that the U.S. is a "nation of whiners."

The only thing is that Phil should have been just a tiny, wee-bit more specific. It's the Democrats - especially the far Left Liberal and Progressive wing of the party asylum - that is the "nation of whiners."

This nation of Liberal Whiners, especially the Obama Cultist Whiners, are the self-modeled elitists who told us that they "immediately got" John Kerry's "botched joke about being stuck in Iraq." These are the same posing Elitists who claim to "get" Al Franken's supposed satire about drugging and raping a woman.

Yet, if The Meccachurian Candidate becomes the object of a joke or satire, anything short of complete adulation and worship, oh Heavenly Creator, look out for the vitriol, the Cultists unleash their fury.

Case in point, the cover of The New Yorker, a Conde Naste-owned Liberal publication. No, it wasn't one of the so-called (and falsely labeled) Republican Owned Media that printed the cover that has so enraged the Obama Cult. It is not a Rupert Murdoch entity that depicts Obama as a Muslim and his wife, Michelle (Pickles, The Dangerous Washerwoman) as a Afro-style haired caricature. It is The New Yorker:

Satire. Done correctly, I might add. Isn't it simply fantastic?
It has the Obama Cultists foaming blood at the mouth.
Oh, sweet, sweet, chocolaty, nougaty, creamy, caramel, whipped cream satire, how delicious!

And really, it is satire. Actually damn good satire. The Obama Cultists and their messiah just don't get it. The rest of the world is not surprised.

The Obamaniacs are furious over this. Livid! Ahhhhhh, it's funny when Liberals eat their own, let alone not getting satire. Trey Ellis, writing at the HuffPooPo from his "tiny medieval village in the south of France," says:

    Imagine instead almost the same cover although in the corner some right-wing icon like Limbaugh, Cheney or O'Reilly, via some thought bubbles, imagining the Obamas like that. At least then the offensive absurdity of the point of view would be inescapable and we would all be allowed to laugh at it.

    Or better yet, picture a middle-aged married couple watching the Obama's on TV and the husband imagining them as the terrorists so depicted, while the wife seeing them as the reincarnation of JFK and Jackie O. That would, I think, nicely illustrate the point of the cover, the extreme visions many in this nation have around the probable future first couple.

    Anything would have been better than what they did.

Rachel Sklar, also writing at the HuffPooPo, claims to "get" the joke, but clearly, she reacts with brain-dead-panicked and frozen deer in-the-headlights response:

    Who knows if they'll get this in Dubuque, but they sure aren't going to like it in Chicago: This week's New Yorker cover features an image of Michelle and Barack Obama that combines every smeary right-wing stereotype imaginable: An image of Obama in a turban and robes fist-bumping his be-afro'd wife, dressed in the military fatigues of a revolutionary and packing a machine gun and some serious ammo.


    ...the New Yorker readership is sophisticated enough to get the joke, but still: this is going to upset a lot of people, probably for the same reason it's going to delight a lot of other people, namely those on the right: Because it's got all the scare tactics and misinformation that has so far been used to derail Barack Obama's campaign — all in one handy illustration. Anyone who's tried to paint Obama as a Muslim, anyone who's tried to portray Michelle as angry or a secret revolutionary out to get Whitey, anyone who has questioned their patriotism— well, here's your image.

It sure seems that neither Trey nor Rachel "get it." Trey says "anything would have been better" than the cover of the New Yorker. Anything? Really? Even Blackface?

And Rachel condescends to the people in Dubuque. Do you folks in Dubuque recognize anything that doesn't have udders and moos or that looks like an ear of corn? Rachel seems to think this is all of which you are capable. Michelle is angry, but it's not because she's a Muslim. Barack is a liar, a phony, a fraud, an impostor; he is unpatriotic - but it's not because he is, isn't, may or may not be a Muslim.

So, whine, cry, scream, kick your feet Rachel and Trey. React how the rest of the Obama Cultists are reacting. A lot of people are convinced that September 11 was an inside job, planned from beginning to end by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. What is Rachel's point other than wanting not to be subjected to a story, a picture, an image or a sound byte that disagrees with her already preconceived ideology? Not the American way, "sweetie."

Liberals are funny. They are at their funniest when they demonstrate that it is their own fellow Liberals that are the most harmful to their ideology. Why, it's just not fair, is it? The playing field needs to be leveled. Once again the Left doesn't like the taste of its own medicine and tactics that it has doled out for years against their Republicans and Conservative opponents. So you don't like the taste? That's a shame. Truly, it is...just a doggone shame.


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Satire is in the eye of the beholder and Obama's supporters are wholly lacking.
Succinctly said, EC, and I agree with you 1000%.
On a personal note... I have learned through a few years of liing that I have a great distaste for liars and hypocrits.

It wasn't until recent discoveries on my part just exactly WHO these people are. I used to think it was just poor relationship judgement but I've come to realize it's a politically sound basis for knowing what side I am on.
Good for you Bug! You've reached a sensible and successful area of objective judgments and how to analyze the incoming data, separate the facts from the BS and make genuine conclusions! Too many people never get there!

Political ideology doens;t have to influence our personal relationships and such, but recognizing the difference certainly, as you note, make it easier to make informed decisions on where to land on political choices.
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