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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Danielle Allen Chases Chain E-mail

Did you see the Saturday, June 28, Washington Post story, An Attack That Came Out of the Ether?

It is story about a woman chasing down the "chain" e-mail rumor that Barack Hussein Obama, Junior is a Muslim. But the woman chasing down who was the originator of the "chain" e-mail is not just any ordinary woman.

Her name is Danielle Allen. Allen is described in the story as "a razor-sharp, 36-year-old political theorist" and - who could have guessed - is a staunch Obama supporter.

The WaPo story states the following:

    She boasts two doctorates, one in classics from Cambridge University and the other in government from Harvard University, and won a $500,000 MacArthur "genius" award at the age of 29. Last year she joined the faculty of the institute, the only African American and one of a handful of women at the elite research center, where she works alongside groundbreaking physicists, mathematicians and social scientists. They don't have to teach, and they face no quotas on what they publish. Their only mandate is to work in the tradition of Einstein, wrestling with the most vexing problems in the universe.

Nice Affirmative Action work if you can get it, I guess.

Now really, is tracking down the person who originated an internet "chain" e-mail "in the tradition of Einstein, wrestling with the most vexing problems in the universe" ? I think not. I think Albert would be appalled at such a trite and pointless mission.

Did Ms. Allen put as much effort and time into debunking the 9/11 conspiracy rumors and e-mails that have circulated around the internet? If so, I am not aware of it.

Danielle Allen, working "in the tradition of Einstein, wrestling with internet chain 'e-mails'."
She could have just checked with Snopes, but blimey, where's the sport in that?

Ms. Allen's mission - remember now, it's in the tradition of Einstein - was to find out who is the originator of a "chain" e-mail that, among other things, said that Obama is a Muslim and that he is lying about not being one.

The WaPo story ends without any resolution, so I must presume that Ms. Allen is still out there, "in the tradition of Einstein", perhaps wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat, carrying a magnifying glass and clenching a Meerschaum pipe between her lips as she scours the globe on her quest to identify the "chain" e-mail scofflaw. "My dear Watson, I think we're close to solving the case!" Then, just moments later, "Oops, guess not."

Ms. Allen, I quote your presidential candidate of choice in my warning to you, "not to believe in those Nigerian e-mails." I certainly wouldn't want someone who works "in the tradition of Einstein" to be hoodwinked and lose her own money by falling for this type of scam.

Keep wrestling with the most vexing problems in the universe, Ms. Allen, mainly, who created an internet "chain" e-mail rumor.

Am I the only one thinking that the MacArthur Institute isn't getting its money's worth with Ms. Allen?



WTF does a degree in classics and government have to do with physics and mathematics? Plus they ought to call degrees in classics (whatever the f**k that is) and government (food stamps) by their proper names... Marxism and Bolshevism. They might as well give MacArthur "genius" awards for a truck load of used diapers. Oh and the "genius" need not look any farther than Fraudbama's half brother for the Muslim line. Wow. Really tough job. Genius my ass.
Hey I know what the genius can investigate next. How about the contribution to global warming of the anti-social behavior of severely shitting ones pants on a public bus and how Marxism will make it better. It was either that or can drinking piss help polar bears copulate in open water.
WTF does a degree in classics and government have to do with physics and mathematics?


They might as well give MacArthur "genius" awards for a truck load of used diapers.


What a waste of MacArthur money. Think of how much better than cash could have fed the homeless. (I'm using Liberal ideology here to smack back at them).
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