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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When The Affirmative Action President Thoroughly Disappoints His Base
- And He Will - How Will They React?

The Affirmative Action Candidate

It's January 2009 and The Affirmative Action Candidate has become the Affirmative Action president, sworn into office perhaps with his hand upon the Koran and wearing the accepted and traditional Muslim wardrobe of his Islamic religion.

But I digress...only to again poke a stick into the eyes of his Cult Followers.

A fantastic piece in Monday's Wall Street Journal, a short article titled, Don't Expect a Big Change in U.S. Foreign Policy, written by Timothy J. Lynch and Robert S. Singh, analyzed aspects of how The Affirmative Action Candidate - should he somehow gain entrance to the White House (he won't) - would handle the Bush foreign policy.

Their WSJ piece brings up several issues that have the potential to infuriate Obama Cultists should their candidate occupy the White House.


    ...The departure of [President George W.] Bush will hardly leave the nation's foreign relationships in tatters. Despite much American introspection, Euro-liberal sniping and Latin American leftist fantasizing, the quantity and quality of America's formal friendships have endured, if not actually increased, since 2001. Eighty-four governments, out of a world total of some 192, are formally allied with the U.S.

This statistic certainly doesn't support the insubstantial claims by The Insane Liberal Clown Posse that either our allies or other nations are abandoning their relationship with the U.S. because of "Bush's failed foreign policy" or the "illegal occupation of Iraq." Bush's foreign policy, especially with respect to Iraq, is only failed policy in the eyes of the anti-war-at-all-cost crowd because they are bereft of any significant issue.

As for the non-stop euphemism of the "illegal occupation of Iraq" - a false term proffered only by the most simplistic dullards within the Pacifist crowd - if U.S. forces are "occupying" Iraq (they're not), then how do faux pro-Military Democrats supporting forces exiting Iraq justify the presence of U.S. Military troops still "occupying" Bosnia and Kosovo some twelve years after being dispatched there by Bill Clinton? And please, no faux claims from Lefties leaving comments using the excuse that there's no violence in Kosovo and Bosnia because you've already determined it's a matter of "occupation", not violence or risk. Besides, you still lose on citing no violence of risk in Bosnia and Kosovo; the fact the Troops are there is indicative of the propensity of risk and violence.

    A President Obama would risk too much with a precipitous withdrawal, especially if it was just to fulfill an early campaign pledge that was adopted to establish blue water between him and [Hillary] Clinton than to reformulate the war on terror. Mr. Obama's opposition to the Iraq war is empirical - "it didn't work" - rather than ideological.

    Mr. Obama is capable of changing his position to reflect events on the ground. He is not dedicated to a peacenik vision of immediate withdrawal. He will not desert Iraq if doing so puts U.S. national security at risk.

    The desire to get rid of George W. Bush will not make his replacement any less vociferous and committed to the current president's pursuit of American prosperity and security.


    As a Romanian proverb reminds us: "A change of leaders is the joy of fools."

If his Cultists believe that, as president,
Obama will prematurely pull Troops out of Iraq, thereby enabling a massive and bloody genocide on his watch, they are in for a shocking surprise.There is no more joy of fools than what is currently being experienced by those who thoughtlessly and uncritically support Obama. If his Cultists believe that, as president, Obama will not co-opt successful Iraq strategy and claim victory or positive results for himself, they are far more naive than I ever imagined.

An Affirmative Action presidency presents an interesting and percolating Petri dish of a brand new strain of Liberal Double Standards.

Will the "war is always wrong" crowd - the primary and most prevalent virulent bacterial culture that are his supporters - treat him as they treated Bush? We know the answer. They will do what they do best, which is completely bending over backward, inventing new self-rationalization and self-serving political justification while furrowing deeper into their state of denial that what their candidate is doing is the best course of action to take; in other words, he's doing just what Bush has done (Horrors!). Where were they when Bush was doing exactly what The Affirmative Action president may indeed do? They were too busy fomenting Hatred to notice or support what was the right action all along.


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In a stunning development Demoturds select a giant LPOS as their standard bearer. Bwwaaaahahahaha. Fecking leftard losers.
I'm sitting this election out. McCain won;t get my support or vote. However...if The Affirmative Action Cadidate picks MrsSatan as VP - and she agrees - I'm going to have to change my mind, hold my nose and vote for McCain.

An Obama-Clinton ticket is a dream team that McCain should have no problem beating, but being the "piss on his own party" that McCain is, he'll f*ck it up and lose.
now thats the kind of post that keeps me coming back here. no offense to the one about the Gohper football case.
Oh I could only wish HillBill would join Osama as veep. That is a dream team for the right. That would split the Demoturds for good. There is no way HillBill would play a quiet second fiddle. No way in hell. The resulting power struggle would take the Demoturds down for good. It really is a better alternative to four years of McCain who would just rubber stamp lefty legislation anyway. No we need a Demoturd congress and president to forever leave the steaming taste of shit in the mouths of the American electorate.
EC, not a problem dude. I'm glad you like the post, and as I replied to your comments in the Gopher story, I don't have an issue with intellectual and reasoned debate. And I certainly don't expect those who comment or those on my blog roll to agree with everything I write here. I don't agree with them on 100% of the issues. But 90-95% of the time we're basically on the same side of most things.

I may have mentioned in the past that a couple of friends of mine are very very liberal in their politics. It doesn't interfere with our friendship. They're not haters, the disagree with Bush's policies as much as I disagreed with Clinton's politices. In the end, we agree to disagree. It's when someone refuses to civilly agree to disagree when it becomes personal attacks.

Glad you liked the post.
Molson, Yeah. Four years of Jimmy Carter the Sequel: Obama, should bring back to life the true Conservative Republicans. It would be a hard 4 years, but if it ushers in a large majority of Conservatives (not RINOs) and a Conservative White House, then I'm all for it.

An Obama/Hillary ticket I would imagine would turn off a large number of supporters on both their camps. If we could only get them to implode this year. But then we still have the problem of The MAVERICK rubber stamping RINO ideology as you so astutely note.
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