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Friday, June 06, 2008

Obama Still Smoking Cigarettes

Do an internet search and you'll find numerous news reports that The Affirmative Action Candidate is still hooked on Big Tobacco. He's a chain smoker. It's interesting that none of the Liberal Owned Media shows any video of him smoking. Why do you suppose this is? Would they afford the same sympathetic coverage to a Republican? I don't have to provide the answer on this.

How can we have a president that smokes cigarettes? What kind of role model is a cigarette smoking president for "The Children"? What kind of example does a cigarette smoking Affirmative Action Candidate set for "The Children"? He is setting a very bad and poor example. He is encouraging smoking by youths, especially black youths.

It's clear that if Ted Kennedy's Poodle doesn't have the willpower or self-discipline to quit smoking, he doesn't have what it takes to be the president of the United States.

Where are the Anti-Smoking Nazis in condemning The Affirmative Action Candidate for his unprecedented use of tobacco? Why are the Anti-Smoking Nazis so silent, so complicit, in tacitly approving The Cigarette Smoking Obamalith?

Is this all because Obama Brand Cigarettes is the brand approved by Liberals?

Role Models don't smoke cigarettes!

In other cigarette related news, a call to ban Menthol cigarettes. Bloomberg:

    A legislative provision that would let menthol cigarettes continue to be sold would "trample the health'' of blacks, seven former U.S. health secretaries said in a letter to Congress.

    The measure allowing menthol while banning other flavored tobacco products is "a loophole big enough for a herd of wild animals to romp through,'' according to a letter sent to lawmakers.

    Almost 75 percent of black smokers use menthol cigarettes, according to the letter, organized by former health secretaries Joseph A. Califano Jr. and Louis Sullivan.

Banning menthol cigarettes...now that's racist!


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That's good Obama is still smoking.
Let the Black Bastard smoke himself to death.
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