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Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama Rejects Public Financing

He promised...he promised, but then, The Affirmative Action Candidate changed his mind lied.

Obama said he will accept public financing in March, 2007. The New York Times.

But now, beholden to gigantanormous amounts of cash, The Illinois Muslim says nyet to public financing. AFP:

    Democrat Barack Obama Thursday rejected public financing for his presidential campaign, freeing him up to deploy unlimited cash from his army of private donors against Republican John McCain.


    "We've made the decision not to participate in the public financing system for the general election," Obama said in a video message to his supporters, becoming the first White House runner since Watergate to shun the system.

From Newsweek:

    Asked last September on a questionnaire from the Midwest Democracy Network whether he would "participate in the presidential public financing system" if his "major opponents agree to forgo private funding in the general election campaign," Obama checked the box marked "yes," then outlined his vision for the 2008 contest.


    If Obama had never checked the "yes" box, he'd be in the clear. It's true that our current public financing system is "broken." Although candidates themselves can only spend their allotted $84.1 million, the tax-exempt, unaccountable and completely unregulated "527 groups" that Obama refers to (think 2004's Swiftboaters) can invest unlimited sums in negative advertising designed to ruin an opponent's reputation.

Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain points out Obama's flip-flopping and hypocrisy (as he should). WaPo:

    Senator Obama's reversal on public financing is one of a number of reversals that he has taken," the Arizona senator said. "He said he would stick to the agreement. He didn't."

    McCain added: "This is a big, big deal. He has completely reversed himself and gone back, not on his word to me, but the commitment he made to the American people."

We know that Ted Kennedy's Poodle cannot be trusted with whom he associates himself with; Rev. Wright, Rev. Pfleger, the Weather Underground, William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Rev. Meeks, Rezko, Farrakhan, Auchi - to name just a few.

He cannot be trusted on his words; remember his plagiarism of Deval Patrick and Martin Luther King, Jr.

He cannot be trusted on what he says or the box that he checks in promising how he will fund his campaign.

It appears by all objective means that Obama is simply another politician ensconced in his own "broken system" of campaign money and is beholden to his big money donors. He cannot be trusted, period.

You just watch how The Affirmative Action Candidate unleashes his 527 groups into the worst kind of mud-slinging and dirty campaign tactics and smear-merchanting against Senator McCain. And - oh, let me guess - Obama will excuse himself by saying, "those aren't the 527's that I knew."

Obama's campaign tactics will get dirty, very, very dirty - just the type of campaign he said he would not run. But why should anyone have believed him when he made that promise? All we're seeing and hearing is broken promises from a man who said he keeps his promises.

Clearly, the candidate for real change is John McCain.


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The real punch line in this whole ordeal is that he blames Republicans for going back on his word.
Sorry, I don't speel dat guud. Whut does it say on dat bottel?
Gee. Shocker. Barry Fraudbama going back on his word. Stupid Obamistas better get used to it. Marxists like Fraudbama are all lying sacks of shiite who don't care who they feck over.
Bad - Dems are indeed famous for blaming others for the problems they create.


Two Dogs - huh, who, what? Renege. Reneger. I know what you're trying to do here. ;-)


Molson - yeah, his flip flopping makes John Kerry's seem like small potatoes, doesn't it?
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