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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Obama, Public Financing, Extreme
Liberalism, FISA And A Jug Of Kool-Aid

George Bernard Shaw said, "The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it." [1]

This is what is happening with the supporters of the most Liberal-rated Senator, Democrat Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. He is not, and never has been, held accountable for his words and his actions in the manner that would - and should - apply to any other politician.

It is a fact that in March 2007, the New York Times[2], among other news sources, reported that Obama promised to accept public financing. He has since reneged on this promise, becoming the first presidential candidate since Watergate rejecting this form of political financing. That Obama made a promise and now has broken it is given little criticism and receives no disapproval especially from his own blind loyal followers.

The Friday, June 20 Wall Street Journal[3] in discussing Obama's rejection of public financing notes the following:

    ...in an email video to supporters Thursday, [Obama said the public financing system] "as it exits today is broken, and we face opponents who've become masters at gaming this broken system."


    Sen. Obama has taken to calling his own fund-raising machine [...] "parallel public financing."

Was the system, in the eyes of Obama, "not broken" in March 2007 when he promised to accept public financing and work within and abide by it? And while he calls what he is doing "parallel public financing," it is no different than giving himself permission to continue working within that "broken system" - simply by his euphemistically calling it "parallel public financing" - based on nothing more than the overwhelming amount of money that he now finds at his disposal.

The WSJ article notes that Obama says one of the broken parts of the system is the unbridled spending by 527 groups which can spend unlimited amounts of money provided they don't strategize with candidates. 527 groups are the groups that can do hit jobs on candidates and it appears that Obama is ready to unleash his 527s against his opponent.

Flush with campaign money, Obama now realizes that this part of "the broken system" can - and most likely will - work to his advantage. According to the WSJ story, 527 groups have spent $15.3 million dollars supporting Obama while only $1.1 million has been spent supporting Obama's challenger Republican Senator John McCain.

What is crystal clear in this is that during early and mid 2007, when Obama considered himself the underdog, he was more than amenable and flexible in presenting himself as an agent of change and one who would play by the rules while working to change what he called "the broken system."

Obama is just another politician who is now corrupted by big money and has decided to join in and play the game he once ruthlessly criticized.

You can say what you want about Senator McCain, but the same does not apply to him. He has maintained campaign consistency and his own reliability in a system that does need to be changed, but not in the manner suggested and then rejected by Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

The Hijacking Of The Democrat Party

Hardcore and Extreme Liberals have hijacked the Democrat Party. Like a slow growing malignant cancer, Far Left Democrats invaded, captured and seized control over what used to be the party of our parents and our grandparents, the party of President John F. Kennedy, the party of Blue Dog Democrats.

Many of our parents and grandparents are appalled at what the Extreme Left stands for; partial birth abortion, long term social dependency programs such as welfare and government assistance, seeing more of the hard earned money they worked for being confiscated and redistributed under growing tax and spend programs and the shameful antics and tactics of how Extreme Left groups (think Code Pink, California's Berkeley City Council, Women Against Military Madness) treats members of the United States Military. These are just a few of many areas where Liberal Democrats have alienated the Democrat Party of our parents and grandparents.

Our parents and grandparents - in World War II, the Korean War and even in the days of Vietnam - wanted to win the war and have our Military Troops return home. Today's Extreme Liberals want our Troops to return home with a loss for no reason than to use the loss as a political tool.

The Extreme Liberal ideology of a military loss is not the only area where Traditional Democrats have been hijacked. The Party has been hijacked by the tax and spend Liberals which was addressed in the Friday, June 20 Wall Street Journal's Potomac Watch by Kimberly Strassel[4] who writes:

    Mr. Obama is hawking a tax policy that would take the nation back to the effective marginal tax rates of the [Jimmy] Carter days. He wants to further tax income, payroll, capital gains, dividends and death. His philosophy is pure redistribution. Congressional Democrats voted for a budget that includes the largest tax hike in American history.

With Obama as their cheerleader, The Insane Liberal Clown Posse is trying to sell the American public a 1964 Pontiac by telling them it's a 2008 Cadillac. What is frightening about this is that so many people have deluded themselves into believing that the Pontiac is indeed a Cadillac.

We have seen the Democrat candidacy of the flimflam man before, mainly in the form of Bill Clinton during his 1992 campaign. He said and told his party what they wanted to hear and they believed him. He wasn't questioned or held accountable for his actions or words. As long as a "D" followed his name he received approval and sanction. He was not George H.W. Bush, and this is all that mattered to The Left. Does this sound familiar to what we are hearing today, that Obama is not George W. Bush and that McCain is nothing but a third term continuation of George W. Bush?

While Clinton, in many respects, is not as Far Left as is Obama, Obama's candidacy and run for the White House - and his actions and words - are being treated no different than was Clinton. Facts, hard data and verified history is being tossed aside in favor of what Obama supporters want to believe. They have over-consumed vast quantities of The Kool-Aid.

FISA Before Kool-Aid

On Friday June 20 the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of, and approved, the 2008 version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The most newsworthy point of this FISA version is that it renders legal what The Left previously said was illegal in President Bush's surveillance strategy and policy; that of the National Security Agency uncovering potential terrorist acts before they can be implemented and carried out and retroactively seeking a court order approving their actions and immunity for the telecoms.

The Left has spent countless hours calling this an "illegal wiretapping and surveillance" program. It is not, not by any means. Before she suspended her campaign, The Left attempted to put forth weak arguments against FISA by asking would you be okay with this FISA if the president was Hillary Clinton? Personally, yes, I would. This is not an issue of political partisanship - as The Left so desperately tries to paint it - as much as an issue of national security.

The U.S. Senate will take up FISA this coming week. We will find out how serious and sincere Obama is when he casts his vote to either agree and approve the FISA bill as in its House version or if he votes against it. If he votes against it, we will know what most of us already know, that he prefers to coddle terrorists and enemy combatants. Remember, terrorists and enemy combatants are not aligned or sponsored by a sole, identified country nor do they wear uniforms as did the enemies in the previous two World Wars, Korea or Vietnam.

One could also easily assert that if Obama votes to approve the House FISA version - and all indications are that he will, much to the anger expressed by his base in doing this [5][6] - that he is simply doing so in order to present himself as being tough on terrorism and strong on national security. Obama has posed and postured himself in so many different ways on so many varying issues that except for his Cult Followers nobody can honestly believe what he says and what he does. Obama has become Everyman, only that he doesn't solidly represent any actual idea or policy. He represents what can only be defined as his own personal candidacy and personal gain.

The Kool-Aid, The Thirst Quenching Fact Belying Kool-Aid

Facts do not matter to True Liberals and Progressives. True Liberals center their ideology on what they want to believe. One can be adamant in believing in the Tooth Fairy, but doing so will not make this a fact. This is where the Liberal mindset has grounded itself, much to the detriment of our country and the world. One cannot be entrenched in fantasy and at the same time reach or be counted on to conclude fact-based policies. Obama's tax policies - that they will be better for the middle class - is grounded is pure unadulterated fantasy.

Lawrence B. Lindsey writing in Friday's, June 20 Wall Street Journal[7], concerning the Obama plan of extending the life of Social Security:

    ...Sen. Obama himself noted in his June 13 announcement, just 3% of workers make more than a quarter-million [dollars].


    Under the current formula, lower-wage workers get a slightly better deal than do higher-wage workers, assuming the same life expectancy. But the principle remains that as workers' wages rise so do the taxes they pay, and so do the benefits they will get from the system.

    Sen. Obama would do away with this principle by requiring higher-end workers to pay taxes without getting any extra benefits linked to their higher contributions. This would be a big step toward turning Social Security from a contributory pension scheme into just another welfare program.


    Sen. Obama is planning on a combined series of take hikes to produce $42,000 in tax revenue, but consensus economic modeling suggests the government's net take would rise only $14,000.


    It is shocking to think that we have a presidential candidate who would make the private sector $5 poorer in order to make the government $5 richer.

Obama's atrocious economic policies hearkens back to what I called The New Bolshevism, and I'm going to repeat the most important part again:

Government does nothing to earn a dollar. It does not provide any product or service that can be documented on the profit side of any ledger. It doesn't break even. In fact, whatever government does can almost always be found on the loss side of the balance sheet.

Those who think the "soak the rich" policy is a grand idea - and "those" would be the Obama
Cultists - fail to acknowledge that Obama's tax schemes will cost somewhere around, or exceed, one trillion dollars[8]. Those of us who objectively ask from where will he get this money also want to know how he will obtain one trillion dollars from the 3% of the workers who earn more than $250,000 per year - his "tax the rich" policy based on class envy. It can't be done, it is a fantasy through and through. It is a tax policy that is beyond pie-in-the-sky.

The fact is this; Obama is not going to acquire, and cannot acquire, his one trillion dollars of spending[9] solely from the group that earns $250,000 or more per year. From where will he get the money he proposes to spend? From middle-income and lower-income earners.

Obama's tax policy will create a new bracket of taxpayers at the lowest rung of income earners, a group that today pays no income tax. All earners above that rung will see dramatic increases in the amount of taxes they pay. Meanwhile, all free-market and private sector prices (the costs of labor, food, clothing, fuel and other staples) will increase as investors and entrepreneurs refrain from putting their money into the market. Venture capital will go into remission. Long term speculation will halt. Those with the money simply will hold onto it. Companies will have no choice but to reduce their workforce - well, those companies that haven't closed their doors and gone out of business - because of Obama's onerous and oppressive tax policies.

Trying to explain this to the Obama Cultists is like talking to a brick. They have consumed the Kool-Aid, deciding that nothing will impede what they want to believe.

Similar to George Bernard Shaw's quote that began this column, Albert Einstein said, "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."[10]

I would change only one word of Mr. Einstein's quote: "Unthinking respect for Obama is the greatest enemy of truth."

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Linking Here:
Senator Obama Is An Opportunist

i like the FISA graphic you made. Did you do that in phoshop?
i'm no better than an Obama supporter? Shame on you.
Thanks EC. It's one of my true originals. Usually I PhoShop other images into things. This one was from scrap. And yeah, done with The Pho!
Dear Brick,

My deepest apologies for any offense that you may have endured from comparing you and all bricks to blind Obama Cultists.

I realize that bricks actually do serve purposes, unlike the blind Obama Cultists.

Bricks are used to build things, block car tires, weight things down and have a million and one uses. Obama Cultists do none of these things.

Again, my deepest, most heartfelt apologies to you, Brick and all bricks of the world.

Congrats on your latest blog posts and accomplishments.

Obama is liberal just by opportunism and this last stunt serves its purpose just for cheap publicity.

Believe me that when Obama will take powers, Americans will pay up to the teeth their lack of self awarness. The new socialist Obama will emerge as quickly as one could spell opportunism, copy-cat and duplicity.


Tym Machine
What Barry Fraudbama a liar? No. It can't be. He is a god like entity that has descended from the heavens to save us all from our evil, evil money. We'll only spend it on booze and cigarettes anyway. I mean really. Wouldn't all that money be better spent on crack and whores like Fraudbama plans to?
Thanks Tym.

I agree, if Obama wins - or steals - the election the U.S. economy will be flushed down the toilet. And this will have a worldwide domino effect.

Well, we just might let the uber Liberals have their way for four years. And then Healthy Conservatism will return.

Always happy to hear from you. Thank you for visiting and commenting.
Wouldn't all that money be better spent on crack and whores like Fraudbama plans to?

Bwa ha ha ha! Oh, you cut through Obama's BS so well!

I dunno, if Fraudbama promises me some really good govt-provided ganja I might vote for him.

Just kidding!
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