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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama, Hillary, Unity

Ah, sweet love, sweet unity. It's all coming together for the Little Marxists, isn't it?

From BBC News:

    The town of Unity, New Hampshire, could hardly have done more to make itself the ideal backdrop for this great symbolic act of reconciliation.

    America's Democrats came together to bury their differences in a gently shelving meadow cut from the rolling woodland of rural New England.


    And of course, the two senators, slick and seasoned performers, were bang on message.

    Mrs Clinton praised Mr Obama and spoke of him as a friend - she directly urged those of her supporters who are considering not voting at all, or even voting for Mr McCain, to reconsider.


    Mr Obama needs Mrs Clinton's supporters, and Mrs Clinton needs Mr Obama's support.

    In other words, he needs the votes of the older women and blue-collar men who tended to support her in the Democratic primaries and she needs help to start paying off her colossal campaign debts, thought to be well over $20 million.

    It is fair to say that both processes are now under way.

    Mrs Clinton has been far more gracious and constructive in defeat than her critics would have thought possible, however deep her private disappointment.

    And Mr Obama has not only urged some of his own wealthy backers to help Mrs Clinton - he set the ball rolling by writing her a cheque himself.


    But there were plenty of Hillary supporters in the crowd too whose mood was, for want of a better word, un-unified..

I wonder how Bill and Hillary Clinton will undermine the campaign and candidacy of Barack
Hussein Obama, Jr.?

One has to wonder if Bill didn't somehow - for his own selfish reasons - consciously or subconsciously work against Hillary's presidential campaign. Now, they both are supposedly working and supporting the election of The Meccachurian Candidate.

Should Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain win the November Election, Hillary can run again in four years. She knows she cannot make a run for the White House in 2012 if Obama wins. Herein lies the fly in the ointment for Hillary Clinton with Obama getting elected in November.

As if this is not enough of a problem for her, should McCain win in November, as we approach 2012 Hillary will have to decide whether or not to run for another Senate term and whether she should run again as a presidential candidate.

2008 was supposed to be the Year Of Hillary. Instead, the rug was pulled out from under her by a heretofore unknown and inexperienced candidate who possesses virtually no qualifications and a blank resume seeking the highest elected office in the United States. For Hillary, this must chafe and sting. She is used to having things her way, and along comes this upstart, speaking in vague generalities and steals the thunder from her. She's angry. She may pretend she isn't, hiding it from public view, but she is angry. Very, very angry.

So if you are Hillary, what is the best strategy right now to set yourself up for another presidential run in 2012? The answer is obvious; pretend you're going to work for and support the person who beat you in the primaries while working from within to torpedo it. Unleash Bubba to work against the candidate you claim you support. Bubba will smile, put on his happy face, pretending to support Obama. He will campaign for him. But sooner or later, Bubba will say or do something that derails Obama. Sooner or later Bubba, and most likely Hillary, will say and do something to take down Obama.

Bubba can make a gaffe, as he did saying "even Jesse Jackson won South Carolina", and then he can apologize for it saying he didn't mean it. But once his gaffe is out there, it's out there, he can't make his words vanish. He can't undo them. This will be devastating for the Obama campaign.

Hillary can do the same, saying or doing something that will knock Obama's campaign off course, perhaps once again mentioning the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Maybe she will play the gender card - again - in a subtle message to her female base that Obama really doesn't deserve their support.

Both Bubba and Hillary are sly and underhanded. While as a team they may not have been able to propel her into the White House (and I still have my doubts that she won't be the president), there is little doubt that together they will slowly chip away at Obama's popularity and candidacy. They know darn well how to figuratively cut their opponent off at the kneecaps. And they will do this, oh how they will do this.

The next four months of the Obama-Clinton Unity Tour will be fascinating to watch. The biggest adversaries of Obama are not Republicans, the McCain Camp, Conservative Talk Radio, racists or the Reich Wingers. The biggest foes that will be working against Obama will be those from within his campaign, those he thinks are working for him; Bill and Hillary Clinton.


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Now that we’re beyond Hillary, we can look forward to the first female VP, Sarah Palin, to become the first female President of the United States in 4 years!
I'm confused by your comment. Have we had a female VP that I am unware of? Not dissin you, just asking you to explain.

I think Ted refers to this.
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