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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Enron Loophole

This bill providing for the so-called Enron Loophole was signed into law in year 2000 when Bill Clinton was the president.

Now, if it had been former President George H.W. Bush who had signed this bill, oh my - oh my - how the feces would have hit the fan with the Lefties screaming like their private parts were caught in a bear trap. But instead, Bubba The Rapist gets a Free Pass. How oddly convenient.

The "Loophole" exempts energy speculators who make trades electronically from US regulation.

The Democrats, the Insane Liberal Clown Posse and The Meccachurian Candidate (that would be The Illinois Muslim aka Hussein Obama) are now trying to place the blame for the Enron Loophole on Republicans and former Senator Phil Gramm.

But the Dems are lying - I know, I know, when aren't they - in trying to pass blame onto the Republicans and Phil Gramm.

Here's a few facts for the always fact-challenged Leftists about Enron:

* Enron filed bankruptcy on December 2, 2001.

* This mean George W. Bush had been in office for less than 12 full months.

* This means that Enron was screwing over customers, investors and employees well before 2001, which means that while Enron was doing this Bill Clinton was the president and Bill Richardson was the head of The Department of Energy, as was Federico Peña the Energy Secretary preceding Richardson.

Where were Clinton,
Peña and Richardson while Enron was running rampant and pulling their shenanigans? Well, Clinton, Richardson and Peña were all AWOL.

Here are more Enron Fun Facts:

* For six consecutive years from 1996 to 2001 Enron was named by Fortune Magazine as America's Most Innovative Company. Hmmmmmm...which administration was in the White House in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and year 2000? Whew - I'm going to have to perform some very studious research for the answer. Do you think Enron was screwing over customers, employees and investors during these years, or did they just suddenly decide to do it after January 20, 2001? Well, the facts say Enron was pulling their shenanigans during all these years. Please, don't believe me, look it up for yourselves.

* In year 2000, Fortune named Enron as one of the 100 Best Companies To Work For in America. Who was the president in 2000? One of the reasons Enron was included in the Best 100 list was for being a great company for employees, their pension plan and a brilliant core of managers and executives. Who was the president in 2000? Again, I'm going to have to pursue some very studious research for the answer.

* Enron and its accounting firm, Arthur Anderson, perpetuated bookkeeping and accounting fraud during the 1990s, during the Clinton Administration, during
Peña's and Richardson's tenure at The Department of Energy.

The Clinton Administration did nothing other than leave a mess for a new administration to deal with and now The Lefties try to paint the Bush Administration as the sole responsible party for the Enron debacle. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Oh - and hey - I have another question for the EnviroTards: how are all the energy wind-farms that Enron built doing these days? Are they providing relief to us from the energy problems we're having? Oh, they're not? Huh. Gee. Whoda thunk it?

What the Dems are doing with the "Enron loophole" is their typical three point plan, the plan they use when they refuse to accept responsibility for their own action and inaction:

1) Deny...
2) Lie...
3) When caught, blame the other guy

This is all the Democrats know how to do and they do it well.


Nice. Very Nice. Hey, just checking in, make that phone ring, Mr. This post just might be used as ammo for this 'thing' that I'm working on - talk some permissions over that bev?
Sure Shawn. Will dial you up in a day or two. I promise this time for sure!

No shit!
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